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"REALITY, USA" - Chapter 3- Job Creation
Reality, USA Chapter One- Fiscal Responsibility
@POTUS #Trump New Book Intro Here- Read, Review, Enjoy!
Wishful Guidance for Our New President Trump
Pre-order #Trump Book Today!


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"REALITY, USA" - Chapter 3- Job Creation

Job Creation– The Reality Party supports an “America First” position, supports the need to stay current and competitive on an international scale, supports leveraging our position as the worlds #1 consumer nation, supports realigning of International pricing practices to remove the burden of subsidizing other nations costs, supports small business creation & innovation as core of Job Creation, supports viewing all bills & regulations as to how they will impact jobs/commerce, and supports a pro-growth policy in all aspects of the Economy to drive & maintain Job Creation.

Reality, USA Chapter One- Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility-The Reality Party supports smaller Federal Government under 18% of GDP, supports eliminating Deficit Spending by Federal Government, supports reducing the National Debt each year until it’s eliminated, supports Lower Taxes to lighten the burden on Americans, and supports a Strong Dollar policy to protect Wealth and Value in America First. The Reality Party supports a Balanced Budget Amendment for America.
You have heard the saying “Less is More”, correct?

@POTUS #Trump New Book Intro Here- Read, Review, Enjoy!

America chose a different path in the Election of 2016 by siding with Donald J. Trump, an outsider, a “never governed” person, someone from Business and not a Political background. Now the question is:
“What Path Should He Take to Govern & Why?”
The following is my best effort for what would help heal the many issues facing America today using a “Third Party Platform Concept”- both structural design flaws, outdated policies, & cost imbalances. IF we have a Bold New Leader, is it possible that we can remedy all these ills and put us on a track to Prosperity once again?

Wishful Guidance for Our New President Trump

At the end of my new book- "Reality, USA" about the #Trump Agenda, I have a simple wish of guidance for Our New President as of January 20th 2017 noon...  It goes like this:
“Mr. Trump-
All you have to do is stick to the promises you made, keep articulating the how and why you are doing things, and demand that both yourself & the people around you (both in philosophy and acts) do what is always Right for America and the People within her borders.
The Blueprint for your Great American Presidency, whether this version or one yet to be written by your deeds, will always come back to that simple statement.

Pre-order #Trump Book Today!

Pre-Order NOW for Jan 20th! Reality, USA: The UnOfficial, UnAbridged, UnRequested Blueprint & Guide to A ... 
Goes LIVE on January 20th Inauguration Day!!  The Trump Agenda will be critical to all of us, and will take shape very quickly. So where is He headed??  And how will the GOP Establishment go along (or not)? And of course, How will the Democrats handle the substantive Change as it plays out?

Book on #Trump Agenda from Inauguration and Beyond!!

Trump Agenda in Paperback NOW- Reality, USA: The UnOfficial, UnAbridged, UnRequested Blueprint & Guide to A ... 
IF you like or love DJT, you can get an idea of what he will, could, or should do in this new book about his priorities and outlook.
IF you don't like or love him, you might get a better understanding behind the WHY of what it about to transpire.
Either way, I hope you truly ENJOY, REVIEW, and SHARE with others!!

Lots of REVAMPING Needed- We Need TURNAROUND Specialists!

New Episode BIG CHOICES in front of Trump on economypoliticsforeignpolicy -ODD PLACES . BlogTalkRadio
Revamp the VA?
Revamp the IRS?
Revamp HHS?
Revamp Ecucation?
Revamp EPA?
LOTS of Heavy Lifting to be Done...
and I didn't even MENTION "Draining the Swamp" OR "Cleaning up State Dept"!

States BILLIONS IN DEBT- CA, NY, Illinois.. Reality Check Time!!

When it comes to a Complete Lack of Reality Check in Far Liberal States(Run by Democrats, using Liberal Polices) there is absolutely no way of getting away from a simple fact that the TOP Liberal States(California, New York, Illinois) are BURYING THEMSELVES IN IRREVERSABLE DEBT!!
The Concern I have is actually at what point this becomes either 1) a National Problem to Bail out OR 2) a Systemic(To Big To Fail) Problem--  BOTH of these would Displace the Lack of Leadership in these States to People who do not benefit OR shoulder burden of decisions being made.

Foreign Policy- Numerous Hot Spots, Trump will have his Hands Full

SO...   Trump won the Presidency and gets to inherit a Foreign Policy fiasco on numerous fronts. Let's take a hot minute and run through the short list:
China has made advances in the South China Sea, been pushed back by an International Court, and yet the US says/does Nothing.
Ukraine was "invaded" by Russia years ago, and nothing was done by US or others.
Philippines are in serious unrest by a very odd leader, that is taking a relationship we have enjoyed for over 50 years and putting it in serious jeopardy.

Simpson-Bowles? National Debt?? Anyone???

Anyone else remember Simpson-Bowles approach to handling our Deficit/National Debt situation(I would use the word CRISIS, but people would get crazy about that type of "language")?
Thought about that the other day as we drift randomly further and further away from "normalcy" of a Balanced Budget, away from Solvency, away from Sanity...   WHY can't Leaders LEAD? Like, oh I don't know, make Real Decisions- Explain them- Do the Right Thing- and move on with LIFE?
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