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FixTheNation is not meant as an endgame solution for all the ills of government, society, and the pain you and I feel every day.
It is meant as a starting point. It is a beginning of a social dialogue to hopefully get to that endgame sooner, as opposed to later.
There is no right or wrong opinion, so my ideas or thoughts are not perfect- or by any means the only path for us to take.
My challenge to all who continue reading is to do so with an open mind, to read and evaluate on merit- not ones’ political affiliation, to embrace a topic or several and provide insight or solutions- not just say how stupid an idea is.
My belief in life is simple. Either you are part of the problem, or part of the solution. PICK ONE.
If you want to be part of the problem, STOP now. Go away. Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200(great board game line). That is not mean-spirited, but as a way to save your time and my frustration. No part of Brainstorming involves people saying what doesn’t work, how something “sucks”, or bashing one political person/party or the other. It is pointless and a complete waste of time and energy for all concerned.
If you want to be part of the solution, PLEASE keep reading. America needs what you have to say. YOU have an obligation to help America get its ‘MoJo’ back, to help in a small way. Your Opinion DOES matter. Your voice needs to be heard, and the Endgame will be YOURS. I truly believe that the solutions for our struggles lie inside the American ingenuity of this great country. By coming together- we can create, unite and solve.
My goal is to craft future editions of this book based on feedback of the readers. YOU will help me try and bring a well-thought, well-rounded American blueprint to the life we want, the country we need.
My ultimate goal is to create a fulfilling social website, one that MATTERS. Not just a friend’s medium, but a web connection that truly makes a difference- THAT is what has been missing in our country for years. We need a true national platform for us to come together, air the concerns and suggestions, vote and veto, mold and trim, add and delete- until we end up with the best possible suggestion.
After all, we vote them in to represent us- right?
Remember- part of solving something is being willing to consider other options, be willing to compromise, and be willing to give and take. The bulk of Americans live in the big Moderate middle ground in most respects- not on either extreme. Funny that now politically, the ends are well-represented- but the middle of the political bell-curve is largely unrepresented. THAT is what needs to be addressed before all else.
So- if you are up for it, start reading and let me know what you think. The goal is not for me to have the right answer, but for us to get what works in the end. THAT part I will help with, but you will need to do.
Enjoy!  is also available, in full, from in E-reader or paperback.
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