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December 2011

Small Business Administration (SBA)

This is probably one of the least utilized and talked about programs during economic downturns. WHY! That wasn’t a question, it was a total “I don’t get that” moment.
The SBA (should be called the NEW Business Administration) is charged with helping new business development. With basically 80% of the jobs in America accounted for by small businesses, the value of the SBA is paramount to our success down than road and absolutely one of the critical steps toward solving our economic problems- job creation will start and end at this level.

Debt (total Nat’l amount owed), Deficit (annual spending over budget)

Spending money you do not have- it is as simple as that. Politicians have made careers out of spending money that wasn’t there, that was not their own- now or ever, and benefitting personally by doing it. I do not have enough time on the planet to explain how much that bothers me- so I will save that rant. Suffice to say that this particular habit is the single biggest blight on our society as it pulls our resources blindly away from other things, impacts the value of our dollar, undermines our confidence, and puts of future in jeopardy.

Revenue- Tax base, Deductions, and new sources

We are suffering under the burden of too many taxes, too many surcharges, too many ways of the government reaching into our pockets and taking our money. We are suffering in a society where the rich do not pay enough because they can legal work out of it, the lower income do not pay as they have no money to give, yet the backs of the working middle class (as defined by each locality since money in the Midwest goes much further than money in say Boston or NY as an example).
            The solution is one of Timing.

Federal Budget- Kind of a no-brainer, right??

Federal Budget
                       Step One- write it.                                  Step Two- pass it.
            That that was forgotten, or ignored, by our recent Political leaders is tragic.
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