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January 2012


WOW- what a tough last 4 years in housing, the last three in a recession-like economy (if not a Great Recession like it felt). Foreclosures, people in homes “underwater”(owing more than the home is worth), ghost inventories, people in default, government programs which didn’t work, robo-signing by banks which are impersonal enough, government officials pointing fingers at everyone except themselves, etc.
That we HAVE a housing market is saying something. That it is in disarray still says even more.

The Federal Reserve-

Love it or hate it- it is a piece of our financial institutions and always will be. Agree with it or not, it has a duel mandate of low employment and contained inflation. They are a non-transparent quasi private agency that makes many nervous or worse. The Fed is run by a rotating Board of Governors, headed by the Chairman. They run regions canvassing the US and control all the banks and lending institutions within that region. They work with Treasury, and at the behest of the Presidency.
A critical piece about the Fed- they are not able to do it alone.

Medicare- Health Coverage for the Elderly

Health care for the elderly is second only to Social Security in its financial burden it is about to put on the American economy in the coming decades. The baby-boomer generation, coupled with the ever rising health care costs, will be retiring and losing employer sponsored health care soon. As the largest generation by population starts using federal programs such as Social Security and Medicare, the burden will be in the Trillions not Billions. So these two issues cannot be left untouched, nor can they be eliminated.

Medicaid- Health Coverage for the Poor

No one should ever kick someone when they are down, so this Healthcare Coverage for Low Income people makes a lot of sense. How can you have people completely at risk to major health issues and consider yourself to still be human? NO- that doesn’t mean they should get a free ride. One of the commercials that stands out is for a scooter for people to ride around on in their home, mall, etc- the point is that if you cannot afford it, they are covered by a government plan. Really? Why?
The point should be that everyone should have a “deductable”, or a level of financial commitment to whatever it is they receive.

Social Security

 The Widows and Orphans program started in the early 1930’s has morphed over the last approximately 80 years into a retirement entitlement for all Americans. It has been changed so many times over the years that I literally lost track.
Here is what you need to know- NO ONE ever pays in enough for what they take out. NO ONE is legally entitled to this; it could be changed or stopped at any time- without recourse. NO ONE has the political will to stop it. Picture it as a huge boulder tumbling down a mountain-side.

World Bank

                        The World Bank was founded in post-war 1944 and created to redevelop countries. It was expanded to develop emerging countries and keep mid-tier countries developed. The member countries are first members of the IMF, who then also join the World Bank. These 187 countries combine and work through their 10,000 employees and 100 offices worldwide.
                        The programs are numerous and expansive, but are all contained within 4 primary diversions.

Oil/Energy- policy, dependency, refineries, and money lost

I could have combined this with the EPA rant, but I have a particular idea to toss out that I think would really work (several actually).
Idea-   Change our current Gasoline Energy Tax from a set dollar amount to a percent, both at the federal and state level. Seems simple right? The idea is this- when the price of Oil went up to about $150 per barrel a few years ago, it took about 7 Trillion(yes, Trillion) dollars out of our economy. The price-of-a-barrel increase on our usage, plus the loss in that money cycling through our economy, is devastating.

Health Care -- Cost, Structure, Coverage

Although the Obama “Affordable Healthcare Act” plan is a huge horribly thought out mess which was politically successful and operationally a nightmare- let alone a possible legal overstep, the fact remains that the Health Care in America (as constructed) is broken or tremendously flawed.
The Cost of Health Care in the last decade has basically exploded, up several hundreds of percentage points. THIS is the piece which is killing the US citizen and business. THIS needs to be dealt with.
The Structure is another sticking point- we are a nation of states who have rights and legal controls, we are a capitalistic nation which does not decide for people, but allow them the
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