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Health Care -- Cost, Structure, Coverage

Although the Obama “Affordable Healthcare Act” plan is a huge horribly thought out mess which was politically successful and operationally a nightmare- let alone a possible legal overstep, the fact remains that the Health Care in America (as constructed) is broken or tremendously flawed.
The Cost of Health Care in the last decade has basically exploded, up several hundreds of percentage points. THIS is the piece which is killing the US citizen and business. THIS needs to be dealt with.
The Structure is another sticking point- we are a nation of states who have rights and legal controls, we are a capitalistic nation which does not decide for people, but allow them the
Power to decide for themselves.
            The Coverage is missing about 30-40 million people- no matter what your stance is- we need to address that, and fix the coverage so all can have access, we can control the cost and structure of it, plan and budget for it, as opposed to be held hostage to it as we currently are.
Idea- Why didn’t we take the uncovered and roll them strategically into the Medicaid/Medicare system, ask them to pay a “fair” token amount plus co-pay for that, and then work with the Health Care facilities on using economy-of-scale to reduce pricing? Why aren’t we leveraging the HUGE amount of Federal buying power into cost savings? Why aren’t we pressuring the big Pharmaceutical companies into reducing American costs, and increasing the breaks they give other nations who pay far less than we do for the very same drugs?
Idea- Why not create incentives for healthy living? Give tax credits for living within a range of your ideal body weight to lessen obesity, same for non-smokers. What about mandating blood testing and MRIs every 2 years for all adults 30 years and older (all costs pre-covered by health care packages)? We would catch huge amounts of issues much earlier than we do (similar to annual pap and breast exams for women currently). And similarly, why don’t we penalize people who fail to get these things done by paying a tax surcharge? Currently what happens is people wait until it is too late, then have high cost treatments, and we all have our rates go up to pay for it. Why aren’t we ahead of the health care and cost curve as opposed to reacting to it (and being caught in the high end of it)?
Idea-   Why don’t we extend the exclusive rights of the big Pharmaceutical companies for drugs they create? IF someone invents a “gadget”, they get rights forever through the patent office. IF someone writes a book, they get 50 years past the lifetime of the author. IF someone develops the “next best drug”, they get 7 years- then everyone can copy it as generic and make money off their idea. Why? The R&D money was spent, and needs to be recouped. By getting them 3 extra years, they could amortize the costs over more years and price the drugs even cheaper. THIS idea, couple with higher prices abroad and large purchasing power discounts under Medicaid and Medicare, would go a long way toward reducing costs of health care in the US.
Idea-   My younger son was brought into this world by a wonderful physician who did what was right for my wife and child, and many more before them. The tragic part is he has literally stopped delivering babies- the rate increases of malpractice insurance just made it not worth his while (he would make more money NOT doing his craft). He gave up something he was good at, and something he loved doing- for all the wrong reasons. What about limiting malpractice awards to a sane dollar number ($5 Million maximum). No one wants doctors to get off scot-free, nor do you want incompetency even practicing medicine- you just cannot keep punishing good doctors with the broad stroke of “everyone could make a mistake”. ALL doctors will make mistakes. They are human, not robots. They need to be put in a better position to succeed, not pushed out when they are good. How does our Health Care system get better by forcing out competent doctors for the wrong reasons based on the cost of insurance?
More questions, not enough answers- I get it. But my point is this, address the issue as opposed to get financially overwhelmed by it. Fix It. It would be a huge start toward fixing the broken social and financial piece within the fabric of our economy. NO- I do not think that the Obama plan is the right answer, but it was the right topic. Fix it- legally, economically, socially- within the framework of our capitalistic, free democratic republic. What was created recently- will not work (cover 20 million add’l with no extra revenue, no change to structure, slight and forced change to cost containment, and no additional doctors to share that burden), nor were we educated on its “true” benefits (flaws) nearly enough.
Side note-     Fix it- of course. But ask yourself this simple question- When was the last time Government took something over and actually made it better and cheaper? My answer in my entire lifetime is “Never”. So why would we commit 16% of our Gross Domestic Product to a system created to fail (that is also irreversible once truly implemented)?
For more information about how “Obama care” (The Affordable Health Care Act) actually works, please visit the below sight:

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