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Our military is one of the few things we all agree that the US Gov’t should be doing for us, although the size and mandate is up for discussion daily. The military personnel are one of the greatest assets (and most underutilized) in our country. The goal is to keep America safe, not to be the police for the world at our expense. IF we intervene for our national safety, that is on us. IF the world needs our help to “police” a situation (recently Libya as an example), why would ALL costs be paid by that country or the countries needing our help? In this case, we don’t use the oil Libya provides- Europe does. So, my mindset is for them to pick up the check or go it alone. I am not campaigning for Isolationism, just for us not to spend money we do not have, especially for other peoples’ gain and agenda.
Idea- We should revamp the recruitment process, size and scope, individual capabilities/talent, and possibly consider a 2 year national mandated program for all Americans at 18 years of age. It would not be a combat oriented program, but an introduction to the military culture, training, systems, discipline, physicality, and opportunities of all branches. Each person would rotate through a 4 month program or each branch (Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard) - then finish with a 4 month stint in the branch of their choice (priority based on level of individual performance. THIS is where the recruiters would spend the bulk of their time- since these people have performed well, have chosen that specific branch, and are a known quantity based on performance evaluations from all services. Our future military service would benefit, Americans would benefit, and our national pride and security would benefit.
Idea- Why not hire all future police, fire, EMT based on prior military training? Basically they are predetermined to understand chain of command, understand right vs. wrong, understand the need for discipline and loyalty. Isn’t that who we want? Granted not every soldier would make a good cop- but why not take the ones that would as a priority first, then offset that with secondary hiring? It would be a huge reward for having served your country. It would be a huge recruiting tool going forward if this was known. It would benefit communities who need to hire and reduce overtime which is killing local budgets both in pay and benefits.

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robert ochoa on Saturday, May 11, 2013 2:27 AM
It's a matter of glad that your military is one of the few things you all agree that the US Gov’t should be doing for you. Really, good job.All the best.
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