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Health Care- Life beyond "ObamaCare"

The Supreme Court is currently hearing oral arguments about various aspects of the Affordable Care Act (the real name for what has been commonly referred to as ObamaCare). Their decision, expected in June of this year, will impact our country on multiple levels and for years to come. The need to do their job, be bigger than their own ideology, and then we must move on down the road they point out as the one we can and should take. Which begs a simple question- What is Life after their decision?
IF the Law is upheld, then the answer is more simple- since the perverbial 2700 page writing is already on the wall. It leaves a lot to be decided, on a work-it-out-as-it-goes policy basis. But the crux is simple- everyone would have to get coverage, a certain amount of options would be available, employers would decide to keep a plan for workers or not, Government would have to provide options for all those without any other options, etc.
The better question is what IF the Law is overturned- What then? What do we do with the Health Care issue? It is a personal topic, controlled for the most part at a state level, paid for mainly through an employer platform. But simply put- costs were out of control and that problem will still exist. It accounts for about 16% of our Gross Domestic Product(GDP). So picture that 1 in 6 dollars goes toward health care in some way. So what now?
The SCOTUS will decide up or down the fate of the AFA- but what will we do? What will our leaders do? Have you seen the overwhelming gridlock that binds our countries' capitol right now? The Congress and President couldn't make a bipartisan decision right now if their life depended on it. Literally. Are they bad people? Probably not. But they have worked themselves and us into an extreme political corner. We have no tolerance for the other side's belief- so we demonize it, then wonder how come they won't "work with us" on solutions. We, the People, have been so frustrated with what WAS, that we elected people to "hold the line" for us- so the Left moved more to the Left, and the Right moved more to the Right. The result? A big gap in the middle and gridlock in Washington.  Remember something, there is no common from extremes- it is agree or go away. There is no overlap, no give or take- as that is failing the group that elected you. So with regard to health care- where does that leave us?
It leaves us in a pickle- IF the AFA is upheld as constitutional- then we need to find out how to pay for it and what unintended consequences we need to manage away. IF it is overturned, it leaves us with rising costs and gridlock in Washington. On one thing- we can agree from all sides- SOMETHING must be done. It is to large an issue to be swept back under the carpet. Every state has a vested issue in dealing with this at their level. Every person will need more cost containment and security on this issue. The trick will be in finding out how and who will pull this off.
At the end of the day there is one question for all of us- Are we responsible for other people's health care(either directly or indirectly)? No matter your answer- and it isn't as simple as it sounds- we all need to live with the decision and be willing to stand by it.

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