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April 2012

BlogTalkRadio Debut for link attached

Last night, I went LIVE on the radio during my new Monday 11:00 PM Eastern time show- my goal is to give you the BEST 15 minutes of your week.
I outlined the origin of FixTheNation- and set a little bit of my outlook and tone for upcoming weeks.
Give it a listen (Yes, its free.....),  and hopefully we'll chat on a Monday night soon.
Here is the link to the archive of last nights show:

LIVE ON RADIO- Now Hear FixTheNation each Monday at 11 pm Eastern

You asked for it, now you've got it. takes to the airwaves on Monday April 23rd 11 pm Eastern.
The debut 15 minute broadcast will focus on the WHAT and WHY behind, and set the tone for upcoming broadcasts. The normal format will be 5 minutes of topic of the day, 5 minutes for guest interaction, and 5 minutes of incoming phone calls.
LIVE CHAT also during the broadcast each week. You get that voice, to toss in topics- to reach and each other.

IMF- Looking for MORE money? Read This!

There is a GREAT CNN article I had to make more people aware of- here is the link to the full story:
Here is my take on WHY this is such a great article:
The IMF (int'l Monetary Fund) is looking to raise another $500 billion from its members.
The US is the single biggest member- so they are looking to us to put up about 20-25% (member ratio).
Sec. Geithner is actually holding firm and saying NO- which alone is news.

Presidency vs. the President

Important point right out of the gate- The Presidency is the office and the President is a person.  I say this to make a critical distinction in our social discourse.
The Presidency needs to be given respect, the Presidency is the leader of the free world, the Presidency needs to be BEYOND politics and out to solve the greater good more than anyone on the planet - due entirely to the country and resources they represent.
The President needs to earn respect and preserve the respect assigned to the Presidency.

Congress- Senate and House of Representatives

WOW- gridlock in Washington more than I have ever seen in my lifetime, at a time when we need the government to be as highly functional as they can be.
Congress is made up of 100 Senate seats and 435 House seats. These elected politicians are sent to Washington for the greater good of their constituents and greater good of the Country. They need to work together to solve problems of their time. They have and are failing us at this.
Why won’t you work together? Why won’t you compromise? Why won’t you deal in reality with solving issues daily, as opposed to letting them pile up over time?

Taxes- Fairness argument gone strange

Taxes and Fairness in the same sentence...  that is an amazing statement, without the political drama that swirls around it.  BUT- we live in an election year where everything takes on a new element. So let's talk about taxes and fairness.
For starters- let's use the Presidential candidates as examples of what is "fair". President Obama paid $162K in taxes which is roughly 20% of his income. Mitt Romney paid several million dollars (about 3 million if I remember right) and about 14% of his income.

Taxes- THAT dirty word, Revenue and Reform needs

WOW- taxes...  when I hear the word I cringe...  It is like someone walking up and saying "Give me money, for nothing, and then never paying it back or saying Thank You". Painful is the best word- and one that doesn't need to be censored. But you know what word drives me even more crazy? Waste. That one truly gets me.
Think of Taxes this way- let's say someone said they would take your money, spend it frugally and wisely, spend it only on things that benefited the overall country, etc.

SPR vs Comprehensive Energy Policy

Back when I was a kid- we had an Oil crisis in the 70's. Gas lines, stress, "high prices", and stations OUT of gas were a normal occurrence. IT spiked the desire for the "Economy" car and started a shift in how Americans made purchasing decisions. Why do I bring this up? Because that scenario is not very far off from where we are today- and that is decades later.
We are no further along in developing an overall Energy Policy that spans more than a Presidency and encompasses more than Oil as the big piece, and all others to fill in the gaps.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint or to get free information on consumer issues, visit the website or call the toll-free number above. The FTC records consumer complaints (Internet, telemarketing, identity theft, and other fraud-related complaints) into the Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure, online database and investigative tool available to hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies.
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