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Taxes- THAT dirty word, Revenue and Reform needs

WOW- taxes...  when I hear the word I cringe...  It is like someone walking up and saying "Give me money, for nothing, and then never paying it back or saying Thank You". Painful is the best word- and one that doesn't need to be censored. But you know what word drives me even more crazy? Waste. That one truly gets me.
Think of Taxes this way- let's say someone said they would take your money, spend it frugally and wisely, spend it only on things that benefited the overall country, etc. NO perks for parties, NO waste or $1000 toilet seats, NO high bonuses, NO earmarks of no value, etc. I would pay that. The country needs money to provide basic services we can not provide for ourselves. I get that part- truly. BUT- no one is willing to make the deal of Efficiency, so it is like money it a shredder. And that is pointless and painful, especially at a time when we all need to tighten up and spend wisely, or worse, at a personal level.
We also hear a lot about Tax Reform these days...  What does that mean? No, I am not stupid(In my opinion...). Revenue nuetral...  so we will change things to be no better off than before? Fair system...  to WHO? Remove loopholes... IF it's revenue neutral and it takes loopholes away, then someone is paying more and someone paying less? There are currently different taxes in the HUNDREDS on us, plus things like surcharges, fees, penalties...  we need LESS taxes overall, more efficiency from Govt(or less Gov'), BUT we also are facing a couple huge challenges financially. We have over 16 Trillion in true debt, a deficit each year of an add'l 1.5 Trillion, soaring costs in things like Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare, and a struggling economy which is moving along at a pace much slower than 'typical" recoveries. Where does that put us? In a bind between need for less taxes and need for more money to pay things off.... 
What would you do?
We also have a President and Congress that can not co-exist. They are a horrible match. Both entities are controlled by the polar right and left- so true compromise toward real solutions is impossible. And we did not elect them to NOT represent us, we sent them to Washington to get things done for us, make our country a little better, make deals to advance from where we were to where we need to be. Right? Who voted for someone and said "Don't do anything, Don't agree with anything, Don't fix anything"...  Even if you FEEL that way, in the bottom of your heart- you still understand that people need to deal with each other and find common ground(on both sides) to move us to a better place.
I would propose a couple ideas- 1) repatriate the foreign profits at a much lower tax rate and designate the money EXCLUSIVELY for small business development. New tax money, new business, job creation, extra cash in economy to cycle thru. 2) make the Bush tax cuts permanent, Uncap SS contributions, reduce employee/employer contributions to SS by 1% each. 3) reduce the Corporate tax rates for US businesses (defined as 75% US employee base), for companies growing their domestic labor force (increasing and staying the same each year), penalizing firms who move abroad/reduce labor force as a balance.
The goal- certainty, more incentive to do things NOW with money, more incentive to hire people as opposed to lay off people, more incentive to be a US company than a foreign company who brings their goods back into the US to sell. We are in this together, and we need to find a way to get along. Real people are out there and they are hurting. They can not find a job, they have little hope of finding a job- but our politicians keep NOT getting things done. So they can be elected again? THAT makes me nuts... 
Write your Representative and tell them to "Get in the Game" of making your country better.
Write the White House and tell them to "Get in the Game" as well.
VOTE this November and be heard...  LOUD and clear. It is your voice, your vote, our country.

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