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Presidency vs. the President

Important point right out of the gate- The Presidency is the office and the President is a person.  I say this to make a critical distinction in our social discourse.
The Presidency needs to be given respect, the Presidency is the leader of the free world, the Presidency needs to be BEYOND politics and out to solve the greater good more than anyone on the planet - due entirely to the country and resources they represent.
The President needs to earn respect and preserve the respect assigned to the Presidency. The President is the leader of the Free World and needs to speak, act, define that culture in a way they both represents our current core beliefs and our historical path as a Nation. The President needs to leave the politics behind once elected and do the job of representing ALL Americans. The President needs to be open to dialogue from both sides of the aisle, while acting on the best interests of us all.
True national leadership comes from a President who embraces the Presidency and supplies the connection between our two-party system. Our country is at a defining moment where we NEED that critical leadership, when it needs our President to put politics aside and define the moment within our culture by reaching out to both sides of the aisle and catalyzing what needs to be done to solve our ills.
The lack of true national leadership is my most frustrating issue. One cannot be elected, then turn and not represent us in critical moments like now. One cannot be put into office, then act like they hold a lower office with political bias. One cannot be put into the Presidency, then worry more about protecting your image, re-electability, your personal future. IF you do, you are by definition failing the very people who put you there, and sacrificing the future of the country you were trusted to lead.
Again, it goes back to the premise of the only one who will fix our nation is someone who truly doesn’t want the job, but is put there just to get it done and go back to their life after the job is done.

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