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Life after Tax Reform, from Micro, Macro, & Beyond
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May 2012

BlogTalkRadio- LIVE TONIGHT 5/27

FixTheNation- LIVE on BlogTalkRadio Tonight to discuss SPENDING by our Federal Government, and why this "freight train" is out of control and what we should do about it.
Hope to see you there! The link is:
Be sure to become a "follower" on the BTR link (click on follow button below the little microphone picture) so you recieve a gentle reminder about all upcoming shows.

BlogTalkRadio- LIVE Tonight

Hello ALL!
Tonight's radio show is a "Don't Miss". TAXES - and my attempt to convince you why you should ASK to have them raised, why that would be a good thing for you.
Crazy you say? Tune in and find out how crazy I am. Monday 11 pm Easter, is the weekly broadcast.
Here is the link:
Please feel free to go there and click "follow" (right below the picture of the microphone) and receive reminders about all show in the future.

FixTheNation- LIVE on BlogTalk Radio- AUSTERITY

Hi All- Putting up a Surprise Broadcast on BTR today at 9:30 am Eastern. Here is the link:
The basic premise I have about Austerity is simple- what is YOUR option if you don't like it?
Saying NO to anything is easy, FIXING things is hard. More to follow on the air, so see you then!
**IF you miss any broadcast you can always go to the ARCHIVES and here the recording.

BlogTalkRadio- JOBS addition- Check out the Archives

Last nights show, available now- Here is the link:
JOBS- is the title, and boy do we need some focus on that topic. Everyday we get a little distraction from the White House- and little else. The Issues are whats important, they will drive this coming election.
Stay true to message, stay focused on the prize- THAT is what will get us back to where we need to be.
Jobs, Reforms (several), Immigration, Energy, etc....   REAL issues dealt with now, at a time when we can not afford to wait or be distracted.

BlogTalkRadio Show- Every Monday 11 pm Eastern

Every Monday Night 11 PM Eastern time, I bring you LIVE!
My challenge to myself, and promise to you, is to give you the BEST 15 minutes of your week. This last Monday I spent time trying to keep our focus on the FACTS of what has happened and why we need to attack the Policies of the current President, not the Man himself.
He is liked, whereas his Polices are not. His polices and his results are where we need to spend ALL of our time and energy in trying to capture the votes of all the independents.

FACTS to Win America Back in November

I was talking with friends about President Obama, and they kept ranting about how they hated him. I kept saying don't hate the man, hate the policies- which immediately left me with the tag of being "less Conservative". Wait a second...  And then after a long and tough talk, which took forever(OK, only 20 minutes but it was 20 LONG minutes) to convince them what I was actually talking about. It reminded me of someone selling Votes door to door, it might be effective- but couldn't win an election since you couldn't reach people fast enough.

Job Creation- Where's the Beef?

WOW- today's job report says that only 115,000 jobs were created last month- not nearly what we need when we have millions out of work, millions underemployed- and not many of us happy where we work.
So what gives? Why aren't we doing better?
Several issues and answers to that one- Government is completely caught up in its Election Year distraction, our President who campaigned on "creating or saving 3.5 to 4 million jobs" is completely out of his element (and his jobs blueprint is M.

Live on Radio- week 2

You can find both the debut week and week 2 in the BlogTalkRadio archives. Here is the link:
We talk each week about the Nation, problems and the SOLUTIONS we might use, and try to "build a better mouse trap" for all of us.
Come join every week Monday 11 pm Eastern for the BEST 15 minutes of your week.
See you next Monday!
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