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FACTS to Win America Back in November

I was talking with friends about President Obama, and they kept ranting about how they hated him. I kept saying don't hate the man, hate the policies- which immediately left me with the tag of being "less Conservative". Wait a second...  And then after a long and tough talk, which took forever(OK, only 20 minutes but it was 20 LONG minutes) to convince them what I was actually talking about. It reminded me of someone selling Votes door to door, it might be effective- but couldn't win an election since you couldn't reach people fast enough.
WHY is that important? Because we have a National Election to win back America and people are so caught up in the EMOTION about how he has failed us, that they are off message about the real crux- his failure of POLICY.
President Obama didn't fail us a man, HIS POLICIES failed us, HIS PHILOSOPHY failed us.... and this is a CRITICAL POINT OF DISTINCTION. America likes President Obama at a clip of about 60%, but they don't like the outcome of his policies and the direction he is taking us.
Which brings us to FACT vs FICTION, or "The Road to a Successful November" blueprint.
Fact- 8.1% unemployment, spent 2 years obsessing about Health Care and ignoring job growth
Fact- Over 1 Trillion in UNTAPPED profits overseas STILL
Fact- NO positive change to Manufacturing in America
Fact- No change to China relationship
Fact- Passed Health Care which will cost us 0ver $800MM annually, then gave waivers to friends- mandate?
Fact- Gas Prices at historical highs, denied Keystone pipeline, unused SPR, no cohesive plan
Fact- No Budget out of Dem controlled Senate in over 3 years- NO push by President
Fact- Green energy busts- Solyndra, etc- given HUNDREDs of millions- and now gone, his donors benefitted
Fact- Housing market complete mess, multiple plans- multiple failures of those plans
Fact- Homes are worth much less now, than when he took office- no end in sight
Fact- Foreclosure backlog still near all time high, shadow inventory still hanging over market
Fact- Post Office in fiscal disarray, no plan or end in sight
Fact- Regulations are smothering any real growth (CFTC, AHCA)
Fact- Taxes are highest in world, and uncertain with end of year expirations
Fact- National Debt over 16 Trillion and climbing- no end or cap in sight
Fact- Fiscal Budget Debt annual rate of 1.5 Trillion over last 3 years, no end in sight
Fact- Simpson-Bowles bipartisan solution ignored, no alternative in place or presented
Fact- Entitlement programs OUT OF CONTROL (SS, Medcare, Medcaid), no end in sight
Fact- Engaged Libya to "protect their people", ignored Syria although same reason
Fact- Immigration- no plan, no solution, no ideas, no talk
Fact- AG doesn't represent America, but the Administration's agenda- (Election day panthers,Fast/Furious)
Fact- Success is VILIFIED in the name of "fairness"
Fact- YOU are being asked to PAY for someone ELSE- permanently
Fact- Govt wasting money, flaunting that ability- yet they want 16% more of economy in HC to save money
Fact- HE keeps campaigning and NOT running the country
FACTS can not be pushed aside, FACTS define you.
FICTION is what the opposition will poke wholes in, any wiggle room lets them slip away.
So again- You need to hate the policies and inaction- NOT the man.
THAT is the tact, that is the way to a successful November, that is where our time and energy needs to be focused. DO NOT get caught up in talking about him- if is a losing cause. Most Americas actually LIKE him, but not what he does.
***IF you challenge HIM- you'll lose.
***IF you challenge his POLICIES, you can only win.
THE POLICIES are the way to a great November. PUT people in place who will FixTheNation.
Then take a critical look at their results and actions, judging them fairly and equally on their own merits. 
Go talk up the Facts with your friends, neighbors, family- we need to Win America back in November!

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