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September 2012

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    THE Riddle of all Riddles in this Economy

    So you have heard of the Chicken and the Egg...   this is like that- only in REAL TIME and with CONSEQUENCES.
    The Economy is slowing, both globally and in the US specifically, which makes paying debt, closing the spending gap, creating jobs all that more difficult.
    "Grow our way out" is a typical political term. It sounds painless, positive, and mostly vague. HOW do you build and grow specifically? How do you create jobs specifically? How do you create demand specifically?

    President Obama's Foreign Policy Fiasco

    If you think President Obama might have had some foreign policy success or doesn't have foreign policy issues (plural)..  Think again..
    This article by Charles Krauthammer is a MUST READ.
    And trust me, I wish what he said wasn't true- but sometimes truth, that is painful, is necessary to showcase how bad things are, and that prompts change.
    Feel free to send this link to as many people as you can- It is THAT good.

    Senate- Harry Reid- and what is horribly wrong with them..

    So if you live under a rock, I thought I would state the obvious for you...
    The Congress(House of Reps and the Senate) isn't getting anything done to make our world better...  BUT that is overstating it.
    The House has been as functional as they can be, and the Senate - well, not so much...
    On Thursday, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid(Dem from Nevada) suspended all voting for the Senate. Why? Because he didn't want Senator Brown (Rep from Mass) to "use the Senate vote as an excuse" to miss the election year debate against his challenger, Dem Elizabeth Warren.

    Global Unrest- So you think this "just blows over"?

    There was a friend of mine, who made the statement- "Give it 2 weeks and this civil unrest will pass..".
    My first reaction was to say, "Not this time- they got serious and took it to another level when they killed an Ambassador.", but kind of had to stop there since who knows what is in the heads of the masses who are staging protests and demonstrations across 33 countries on 4 continents.
    Until now..  here is a link for you to consider. It connects to sets of dots- Protests, with Food Cost Prices.

    The Political vs. Reality worlds of the Middle East

    It has been an amazing journey over this..  well, almost a week...  seems longer doesn't it?
    One week ago- we had typical Middle Eastern relations, a distant at best rapport between the leaders of Israel and the United States, rising prices in Oil/Gas, and Pres Obama rising in the polls.
    And Now?
    We had a US Embassy stormed, and 4 people murdered- one of whom was a US ambassador.
    We have watched no less than 30 Muslim nations demonstrate, protest, uprise against the US.

    Libya, Egypt, and More- What is the End Game?

    So the Arab Spring was supposed to set millions of oppressed people free. I guess, be careful what you wish for..
    This last week has seen a US Ambassador murdered, several Embassies under siege, and one set on fire. More protests and borderline violent gatherings are set or on-going throughout about 20 of the 57 Muslim states on the world's chessboard.
    So my question is simple- what do we do? Is this something to intervene in? Should we isolate ourselves and let them settle it in whatever fashion comes naturally?

    QE3- Here it comes, maybe- Is that a GOOD thing?

    Quantitative Easing- which we all know as QE- is about to happen from the Federal Reserve to us, the lowly taxpayer. The believe in programs like these is that we need some Fed action to spur economic activity, and through that job creation (which is one of their dual mandates).
    My opinion is simply this- we have WAY to many issues, uncertainties, and barriers to economic activity to have any meaningful positive impact from a Fed decision. In theory, I get it. In actually, I think it is an act of futility.

    Chicago Teacher's Strike vs 23 Million Unemployed

    SO I got a shock Sunday- the Chicago Teacher's Union went out on strike. Forget the issues. Forget the fact it is the first strike in 25 years. Forget the terms or tactics.
    But remember that 23 Million people are unemployed and don't have work at the very time these teachers CHOOSE not to work, and strike instead.  WOW- was I stunned...  and for great (not just good) reason.
    Remember- it's 2012 and a national election year...  A year where Unions will play a critical role for both sides in being the Hero or the Villain.

    RNC vs DNC- Comparing the Speakers of 2012

    So who spoke at the Conventions and what does that say about each party?
    THAT was the question I put to myself. Yes, we all heard the prime-time speakers and sound bites, we all heard of the "cool" or embarrassing moments, we all heard the version the media fed us.
    But what about a little breakdown of WHO spoke and what that says for each party. I got curious- so here it goes.
    The Republicans had 85 speakers in their 3 day event, whereas Democrats had 107 total speakers.
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