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President Obama's Accountability- OWN THIS!

When you think about the Economic crisis of 2008 until now, you have to talk outside when finding someone to blame. Everyone I have spoken with seems to come at it from a different angle and put someone else in the hot seat. Is it banks, Congress, Bush, greed, etc??  It is almost and endless list that we all need to share and carry as a burden for bad decisions made, and bad policies allowed. BUT it got me thinking recently as EVERY Democratic sound bite hammered President Bush as a defense why this current Administration hasn't performed well.
Are you better off than 4 years ago?  "Well, we were dealth a tough hand." OR "Look at what we inherited."
I am not an excuse maker, nor am I someone who wants someone else to make them. IF you are elected to office, you get the job and all the credit when things go well- so why wouldn't you get the owness when things don't go well? And certainly, elected officials need to be accountable for their actions. Period.
So I started getting upset, which is not a normal response for me. Logic, for me, trumps emotion. Why?
And then it hit me. It wasn't that President Obama wasn't being held accountable to the numbers being horrible like 8.3% unemployment, 23 Million people out of work, 16 Trillion in National Debt, etc. It was something else.
He wasn't being held accountable to a list HE created, or rather a list of things his policies or lack of response created- THAT HE ALONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT NO ONE IS CONNECTING TO HIM. And since I am not an excuse maker or giver, I do not understand why main stream media is giving him a complete pass on his horrific performance for us- the American Taxpaying Citizen (his employer).
So I spent all of 2 minutes and put my mental list on paper, then read it again to make sure I was being fair. Did he create these on his own? Could he have done MUCH more to address these things or handle these issues better? And the answer was YES- this was His List.
So I am going to share it with you- perhaps you share my feeling that our President hasn't done enough, that he needs to be accountable to this list (and I am sure more I didn't think of). I challenge you to read it, to think about it, to add to it or debate it- but most of all, I challenge you to consider it when you talk to others and vote.
Our elected leaders of BOTH parties should always be held accountable to their actions, or lack thereof. Period.
That is OUR job- and we get that wonderful right this coming Nov 6th- so please be sure to think, and act, wisely.
Please feel free to share this list or send me back YOUR additions or thoughts about it.
President Obama's Accountability List is:
Pres Obama had 2 years with a fillabuster proof Congress and didn't MENTION the word JOBS, the President was to busy pushing his agenda of Health Care reform which was important to him and not pushing for job creation which was important to us.
Pres Obama campaigned in 2008 on creating 3.5 - 4 MM JOBS and then didn't deliver a blueprint to do it.
Pres Obama spent almost a Trillion in stimulus without getting a positive result, which is understandable given both the Crowding Out and Ricardian Equivalence theorems of Economics.
Pres Obama passed his AHCA (what people call Obamacare) under cloak of darkness- against 67% of the people's wish and without Congress even reading it.
Pres Obama let Fast and Furious happen on HIS watch, and then did nothing to find out the TRUTH (whatever that may be).
Pres Obama's lack of financial restraint and decision making cost the US its AAA credit rating- he is the only President to have this happen.
Pres Obama has not controlled his spending habits and his lack of financial restraint might cost us another downgrade, which would be perilous to our interest rate pressures and costs.
Pres Obama did not pass ANY budget (even when he controlled congress) and his last attempt was even supported by Democrats.
Pres Obama stated a firm timeline for war withdrawal- which is good for our enemies, and bad for our efforts.
Pres Obama got us into Libya, but not into Syria. Identical accept Syrian atrocities are happening and Libyan ones were only possibilities.
Pres Obama never visited Israel(our greatest ally), only apologized for America multiple Muslim countries.
Pres Obama allowed the banks to ever expand (largest 19 banks are bigger than ever) and didn't remove the threat of TO BIG TO FAIL.
Pres Obama did nothing the last 1 and half except campaign. When life gets hard, people need to step up- not out.
Pres Obama has NEVER made a tough decision on any entitlement, he only stepped aside and let the financial clock keep ticking away as they exhaust themselves.
Pres Obama, and EVERY decision he has made, can be traced directly back to what is good for HIM, not US
I get that politicians are self-serving to a point, but should our leaders be held accountable to the job the do?
YOU get to judge his actions, or lack thereof, and decide on November 6th.  Go Vote!

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Dennis on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 7:27 AM
That was nice post
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