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The Political vs. Reality worlds of the Middle East

It has been an amazing journey over this..  well, almost a week...  seems longer doesn't it?
One week ago- we had typical Middle Eastern relations, a distant at best rapport between the leaders of Israel and the United States, rising prices in Oil/Gas, and Pres Obama rising in the polls.
And Now?
We had a US Embassy stormed, and 4 people murdered- one of whom was a US ambassador.
We have watched no less than 30 Muslim nations demonstrate, protest, uprise against the US.
We have an impassion Sec of State response, and a lackluster minimalist response from our President.
We have missed yet another opportunity to meet with the Leader of Israel, because of a fundraiser.
We have a leader in Vegas, as opposed to DC, when the crisis was at its hottest.
We have an ever higher Oil/Gas supply pressure response.
We have a growing unilateral military presence in the Strait of Hormuz.
We have a growing sense that war between Israel and Iran is eminent.
We have sent, and are still considering sending foreign aid, to all these countries who rise against us.
We have verbally said that we will not defend Israel if it embarks against Iran.
Did I miss anything? Not a pretty list, and even worse, we have been put in a box by the very "leaders" who should be dealing with foresight, strategic anticipation, quality intel, and putting us in a position to respond within what is "right" in this world.
Our President does not want and has said we will not get Israel's back in an act of war, but meanwhile we leave them to deal with massive threats on their own.
Our President had a very minimalist and mundane response to the murder of one of his ambassadors, so now why would he get fired up to respond to the growing threat he miss read and to which he basically opened the door?
Our President wasn't vocal or concerned about the 12% spike in Oil and Gas over the last 45 days, so why would it bother him it moves higher still?
Our President parked warships off the coast of Libya, but meanwhile doesn't have the urgency to act with them.
Our President didn't pull embassy personnel out of hostile nations until Saturday.
Our President couldn't convince other nations to protect our embassies on their soil, such as Sudan.
Our President has said many times that he has improved US relations around the world and we are much more respected now.
We are about to find out how much they have improved, if at all. What is your guess?
What amazes me is how completely off-guard this Administration was caught- on 9/11 of all days. Seriously. IF there was a day-of-days to be on heightened alert, wouldn't that be it? If there was a day that ALL embassies security should be at its highest, wouldn't that be it?
And then after the atrocity, wouldn't the Media ask some very simple, yet powerful, questions? Why wasn't there the typical military presence? Why, in a nation we helped overthrough, was security so soft? When, under any other President, has this happened? Where on the globe is this also happening? Why was there non-military personnel at all in a country of unrest? How could you not have intel AT ALL about something that was released and created in June, if that was the true spark of outrage? How could 2 embassies be hit simultaneously, yet we challenge that it was a premeditated act? Why are the inspectors thinking it was an inside job if it wasn't premeditated?
See my point? This list of unasked questions is long, and could be longer. BUT no one asks our President to explain it. They are to busy trying to figure out Romney's reply and faults, to busy following Pres Obama on the campaign trail, and to busy trying to convince us life is good until the Election.
As Ricky said to Lucy back in the "I Love Lucy" days, you have got some "splaining" to do..   and in a big way.
We, the American people, do not like apologizing for being murdered. We expect someone to get our backs(speak for the dead), defend our Freedoms(such as the Right to Free Speech even when we might disagree with it), and Lead from the front with foresight, good intel, and impassioned consistency that represents our nation.
In less than one week, we have gone from a calm world- to a highly volatile one. Where the pieces end up is anyones guess, but one thing is sure.
The World caught us offguard and the pieces will end up in a different place. It is yet another sign of the lack of true leadership in Washington.
On nov 6th- will you make a choice to fix that? Go Vote on Nov 6th and make all the difference in the world.

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