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Would you Vote for this Conservative Party Platform?

My Recommended Conservative Party Platform
(ROUGH DRAFT- let me know your thoughts)
Pro Small Efficient Compassionate Government

The U.S. Government serves at the will of the people. It is our belief that a smaller Government represents best, and is necessary to do things we cannot do for ourselves, while the individual Citizen should be empowered, allowed, and encouraged to decide most things for themselves. It is our belief that all monies should be spent for the greatest impact for the common good, not wasted on pet projects, personal gains, and rewards for lobbying efforts. It is our belief that a compassionate Government is there for the people in a time of need or hazard, but fully expects the people to provide for themselves and benefit by their individual efforts. It is therefore concluded that a small, efficient, compassionate Government is one that does not overspend, does not over tax, does not hide its decisions, does not reward the few at the cost of the many, does not penalize the people for hardship beyond their control, yet stands both ready and willing to explain itself in full upon request or necessity.
Pro Election Policy
The ability to vote is a Right (and should be encouraged in every way) for American citizens, so we need to challenge the integrity of the system on a recurring basis. We believe that Democrats and Independents should not influence our Primary outcomes. We believe that only current residents in legal standing should have the Vote- so all registers should be purge in non-election years to represent current accuracy. We believe that having a form of ID to register to vote, means than one has an ID and should show that proof to validate the integrity of the vote.
Pro Effective Congressional Representation

Congress should amend the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 to remove the automatic Cost of Living (COLA) pay increases for Congress. In order for Congress to initiate pay increase they must bring a Bill to the floor for a Super Majority vote and the pay increase will not take effect until the next Congress. All changes to a Congressional pay or benefits must be posted on all Congressional websites and distributed through available media outlets for a time period of 30 days prior to any vote on the floor.
All voting records should be simplified and made publicly available via Congressional websites in a user friendly format. All bios for Congress should also include a copy of their parties Platform so citizens can be easily reminded where their loyalty and priorities are.
All matters of national significance or substantive change should be timed to allow to national public dissemination via public media outlets, town hall forums, and regional mailings. This should be a minimum of 30 days after the legislation has been written to allow to common public understanding and comment.
A government of the people, by the people and for the people should not be compromised by special interests, up to and including public Unions. All communications and interactions should be publicly documented, and access balanced between formal lobbyist bodies and the Representatives constituents. All lobbyist and union efforts should be considered a “for profit” entity as the nature of their group is to represent the better financial well being of a small sect of the constituency.
Pro Expansionary Economic Policy
The need for a strong dollar, liquid capital markets, high employment, pro-growth business regulatory policies, and continued development of the Middle Class cannot be sacrificed by the wasteful spending of a Federal Gov’t, deficit spending, high national debt, increase in taxes, and poor leadership.  
We believe in a strong America-first principle which should reward domestic U.S. hiring, encourage repatriation of jobs and industries, create a business-friendly environment that makes companies choose to GROW U.S. on the merits, and celebrates the success of American innovation.
We believe strongly in rebuilding the Manufacturing sector of our economy. Our “manufacturing dependency” is viewed as a weakness, bordering on a national security risk. If we are to offshore all manufacturing, we become as susceptible to foreign manufacturing influence as energy dependence historically. Therefore, it is paramount to reform the tax code and regulations which burden manufacturing, without sabotaging our great nation’s environment, and reintegrate manufacturing into the core of our economy.
Pro Energy Independence Policy

Lead by private industry, we aim to make America energy independent in the near term. ALL aspects contributing to the domestic energy supply needs to be considered. All types such as Wind, Hydro power, Clean Coal technologies, Solar, Nuclear, Domestic and Offshore Oil drilling, Nat Gas, new forward looking technologies; and realistic, economically viable conservation programs are to be reasonably considered through the lenses of what can solve our independence for the future, provide energy in a cheap and reliable fashion, and be provided by the Private sector without (or with temporary and minimal) subsidies.
We believe that our Energy policy should be comprehensive and long term in nature. All aspects of energy should be developed and provided by the private sector, under the limited oversight of the Federal Gov’t. As energy is critical to our economic prosperity, we believe it is critical that all aspects be investigated and developed to be protected from outside threat. One possibility is the regional development of Energy Parks on former or current military sights- this eliminates the “not in my backyard” argument, provide security, regional disperses Energy solutions, and provides for economy of scale in all necessary infrastructure required.
We believe that any export of Energy needs to be Value Added Taxed to provide compensation for the tighter domestic supply that would create, as a trade off toward any temporary and minimal subsidies the Energy sector is supplied.
Pro Immigration Policy
The U.S. Government shall use all means under current Federal Law(s) to protect our borders in this day of International Terrorism as a priority and with use of all means necessary. The historical flow of illegal immigrants must be dealt with as we are a Rule of Law country. It is paramount that all our borders are secured completely to reduce the National Security threat, both from terrorism and illegal activities that currently operate uninhibited. The current illegal alien community needs to be converted in one of two ways 1) proud and reputable people should be provided a onetime path to citizenship, although probationary for first 5 years 2) non-reputable, or people with criminal/disruptive behaviors, need to be deported and not allowed to return. All companies must institute a Social Security check policy as formatted by Federal Gov't law and incorporated at the State level. Safe haven cities must become a thing of the past as it simply condones an illegal way of life within our Rule of Law nation, which is inherently unfair to the current pool of law abiding citizens. The legal immigration level should be streamlined and targeted to encourage people of all walks of life, of all educational levels, and for continued success as a melting pot of cultures.
Pro Strong Defense Policy
We believe in a strong national defense, while understand there are numerous avenues of waste within the defense sector. These should be identified and eliminated over time, and always improved upon.
We believe that U.S. military should allow military personnel to carry firearms while on base. The 1993 Clinton ban should be lifted so that soldiers can be prepared to defend themselves at any time. Especially given the Ft. Hood scenario and a heightened possibility of a spontaneous terror threat, this limitation is outdated and should be lifted.
We believe in an America First defense, which should allow us to consolidate foreign bases strategically and brings numerous soldiers home and out of harm’s way.
We believe in a strong presence overseas, so if decide to stay off-country, and then we need to evaluate each site on a case-by-case basis to insure the safety of our men and women abroad.
We believe in a strong national security policy- so any threat to that needs to be confronted in real time and any information challenging it needs to be communicated in an expedited time frame.
We need to re-evaluate all countries and relationships clearly to understand who our Ally is truly, who is an Enemy (threat), and who is neither. Our fiscal decisions via our national government or through other bodies (IMF, World Bank, U.N., etc) must be determined to not reward non-allies or provide monies for terror-related countries. Any ally must understand that standing with us has a reward, whereas standing against us has a price.
Pro “American First” Trade Policy

International Free Trade is only good if all countries conduct such trade by the same rules. In the reality where Free Trade Agreement cannot be reached, then we need to pursue Fair Trade practices. At no time can we allow trade agreements to favor either nation or reward the off shoring of U.S. jobs.
The U.S. trade deficit sends much of America’s wealth to foreign countries since many of them engage in unfair unilateral trade practices that include adding numerous Tariffs, Port of Entry Taxes and Import Duties on American products. Congress should enact laws that Reciprocates (Copies) those fees on products from each country that exports to the U.S. This will level the playing field since countries will then pay the same fees imposed on U.S. products.
Pro Fiscal Restraint and Balanced Budget Policy

We believe in a Balanced Budget approach to Government. As our belief causes us to keep Government small and efficient, it also requires Congress to pass and enact a Balanced Budget annually, except in times of war or National emergency. Those exceptions should be included in budgets moving forward and are not exceptions after the first budget year.
We also believe that a recurring analysis of all monies spent is warranted to improve efficiencies over time. Our tax dollars need to be efficiently spent, minimized, and accounted for in a transparent fashion.
Pro U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and faith in God

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the land and shall be taken literally. Our rights are natural rights and are given to us by our Creator that no man can take away.
We believe in a small and non-intrusive Government, so the need to keep it simple and focused on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and God is critical to our success. All other attempts at legislation are considered without foundations and standing, and therefore an attempt at overreach as opposed to a small, efficient, compassionate Government – no matter the issue it addresses or the method.
Pro Transparency

Important legislation can be written in comprehensive language, as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights clearly demonstrate. All Bills enacted by Congress must be written in plain, common-sense English prose that is comprehensive and understandable by citizens.
We believe in encouraging a national dialogue, involving the citizenry to comment, providing access and availability in this technological age, and insure proper timing for laws to be review before brought to the floor for vote.
Pro Equality Policy

We believe in a Merit based approach to our great nation- where no color, race, gender, age, disability, religion or any physical/ancestral quality should be included in the decision making process. We believe strongly that one’s performance, work ethic, and personal advances should be singular in making decisions.
We believe in a level playing field, where all people are truly created and treated equal, and that is critical to our success as a broader nation. We believe that America is a wonderful melting pot of cultures which is to be celebrated and encouraged, not divided and penalized.
Equality of opportunity is a right, and the individual success in advancement from that point up to each citizen to achieve for him/her self. “We, the People” must stand united in our protection of the American dream where anyone can become successful, regardless of their origin or beliefs.
Pro Taxpayer Policy
We believe in a pro-business environment, and through that, a pro-labor one. The American dream should not exclude or penalize anyone- nor should it unfairly reward/punish individuals in business. Companies need create an effective productive rewarding environment for their labor force. Labor needs to be rewarded within the framework of the company structure, without damaging the very company that rewards its productivity.
We believed in Labor- but strongly disagree with the need and/or current execution of Labor Unions. This applies to private and public- yet public take a different path as the revenues come from the taxpayer. As we believe in efficient use of Government funds, then Public unions (ones in Gov’t) need to change or be eliminated. As we believe in merit being rewarded as opposed to any general “class” or people, the use of unions in Government reduces efficiency, dilutes productivity, and creates a restrictive labor force that is harmful and against the grain of a smaller, efficient Government that works for all people equally.
 A government of the people, by the people and for the people should not be compromised by special interests, up to and including public Unions.
A government of the people, by the people should also not be threatened and responsible for the insurance of private company pension plans. If the company wants to have a pension, that is there choice- but they need to account for, pay for, insure for implementation of that pension, without involvement or responsibility of Government.

Pro Life Policy
Human life is nature’s continuum which begins at fertilization and is not interrupted until natural death. Constitutional personhood is the secular legal definition of the continuum of life. It is a law of logic that contradictory statements cannot be true at the same time. If nature’s continuum of life is true, then the secular continuum of life must also be true because if the secular continuum of life contradicts nature’s continuum of life, one is false.
Pro Traditional Marriage

We believe that true marriage is only between one man and one woman. We do not believe that same sex marriage should be publicly acknowledged by Government as it is against our strong Family Value platform. Support the current Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that allows any state to not recognize the same-sex marriage license issued by another state.
Pro Global Leadership Policy
The U.S. takes a stronger leadership role in the United Nations and/or considers dissolving our self from it and removes the United Nations from American soil. It is not acceptable that the United Nations (or any world body) work against our America First format for national security. We believe previously that foreign powers have conspired against the United States, the Constitution, its sovereignty and its people. It is completely unacceptable for this to continue on US soil, or with the silent approval of our federal leadership. This should be similarly true of any international body of which we are a part.
Pro Public Accountability
We believe that our elected officials work for us, and should be held accountable for their actions- both credit and blame. There is no way to do this fairly without Transparency, and once you have that- then Accountability. Elected officials should know the platform for the Party that elected them and hold true to that for the most part, unless the greater national good is served by compromise in an exceptional sense.
Pro Tax Reform
We believe in a simpler and more transparent tax code. Although the code must be progressive to take pressure off the less fortunate, it is our determination to make everyone pay something and therefore have a stake in their future. Success is not the enemy, but the goal in a capitalistic society. Our great nation of equality levels the playing field for success, but it is a burden of the wealthy, in part, to help those less fortunate than themselves.
It is our strong belief in our country that taxes should be as little as possible, spent as wisely as possible- since it is our money being spent for other things for the greater good.
Pro Entitlement Reform
The bulk of the national budget is spent on a few extremely large programs. Regardless of the merits (or lack thereof) of the program, we believe that these programs are in desperate need of reform. They are cumbersome, burdensome, and against our belief in a smaller Government. Entitlements should not be designed or legislated to be ever-growing and all inclusive. The nature of entitlements is to be a safety net for the less fortunate, for those truly incapable of taking care of themselves, and not something that is a Right or Common Expectation for the mass population. Reform, and education of the mass population, is necessary both for financial concerns and cultural benefit.
Pro-States Rights
We believe in a strong nation of states, and that a large cumbersome Federal Government is both restrictive and wasteful. States are empowered to respond to their constituents faster and more efficiently. They are more able to create an environment that represents their people overall, and if someone chooses a different lifestyle- can go to another state where that is better represented. The Federal government over-reach mandates for all states, and therefore creates a culture of “take-it-or-leave it” as citizens cannot move out from under this national policy. This is both contrary to what we believe our Founders intended, unnecessary, and against the grain of a Government that is small and working for “We, the People”. The strength of our Nation is empowered individuals make State-wide decisions, and through those two strengths creating a resilient, vibrant and successful United States of America.

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