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December 2012


It would be a great surprise for the Holidays for our fearless leaders to actually do their jobs...  But since that is very unlikely, what about listening to MY solution for the Fiscal Cliff... you want specifics? OK- but remember, you WILL NOT like it, since change is uncomfortable for all of us. My idea deals with Taxes and Spending, puts everybody in a position to lose something- YET we all win in the end. NO such thing as a free lunch- so it's time to pay up.
Showtime is Monday12/24 11 pm Eastern

Oustanding Article by Newt Gingrich- MUST READ

If you are unhappy with the 2012 Election outcome and truly want to have an insider view of WHAT needs fixing, this is a great choice to read, think about, and understand. A little lengthy- but well worth it. …


My newest book is finally out- "Why?! Go Conservative"...   Please enjoy it, hopefully you will review it when you are done and share the word with friends if you feel like it. (Perfect Gift for Holidays!)
Here is the link:

The Fed, The Rate, The Target, The Focus

We had an interesting moment yesterday. The Federal Reserve announced they were officially tying their rate decision to the Unemployment rate and Inflation. Their dual mandate for these 2 metrics has always caused them to discuss, vote and act- THEN announce their intentions. This is the first time in History they are tying it to any specific metric.
For Inflation- it needs to stay under 2.5%
For Unemployment- it needs to stay over 6.5%
If both of those stay true, then the Fed monetary policy will not change.

Fiscal Cliff Showdown

SO here we are in the early part of Dec, yet we find ourselves having an annoying conversation over the Fiscal Cliff...  you know, that "deal" from about 1 1/2 year ago to avoid the Debt Ceiling debacle? the one the Super Committee of Bolles-Simpson was supposed to avoid? the one the Pres and Congress have ignored Since Dec 2011?  Yeah- that one, and THAT speaks to why it is so annoying.
IF you told your boss that an important "project" was due in Dec, but you talked your way out of it THEN ignored it THEN put the deadline (and thru it the 'company') in jeopardy THEN kept pointing at the employee inb the next cubicle (who is pointing at you) as being THEIR fault.

Spending Cuts! Spending Cuts! Vote for this??

We can raise taxes, we can grow our economy- BUT you, Congress, and I know it is curbing, cutting, controlling spending that will mean all of the difference. If you take in about the same revenues as in 2000, but spend 25% MORE than then- what do you think the problem is? NOT revenue, JUST spending..  PERIOD!
So since I am convinced that our wonderful leaders in DC have absolutely NO conviction or political courage- here is MY best idea on how to control spending..  What do you think? (Yes, honestly.

Tax Reform? Tax Reform? Would you support this?

Tax Reform? Tax Reform? Tax Reform?...
Just like me, you probably have heard this phrase A LOT lately, since it is the politicians way of burying the Truth- our Government needs to raise money BUT no one wants their name stamped next to the words TAX HIKE.. Cowards they may be, it doesn't get us away from an ugly Truth- we need the money, and we need to curb spending in a huge way.
The way I think of it to keep it in perspective is this- we raised a couple Billion more in revenue than a few years ago- but we are spending 25% of GDP vs the normal 18-20% range.


TALK SHOW OF THE YEAR!!!! Red State Talk Radio is now having a VOTE for Best Talk show in the line up- Can you click on the link and Vote for It would mean a lot to me, and hopefully you enjoy what I do enough to feel good about doing it as well. Keep the Faith!
Feel free to RT, share the link, or post to your Facebook as well!
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