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Need a Solution for America's Financial Crisis? Here you go..

IF you have been waiting for our 'fearless leaders' in Wash DC to make the tough, but compassionate decisions necessary to FIX this Nation once-and-for-all, then you will understand my frustration. My book "One Grand Bargain" is what I have put together as my best attempt at fixing our crisis.
It is not something that "thrills" me when I look at its totality, but the end result is one that is politically feasable and realistically one that solves the multiple core problems that we have. Remember, there is no plan that can be loved by one side, and hated by the other- it won't work politically. It is crucial that all sides hate the plan "equally"- since it should have some things that make you smile and some things that make you cry, no matter who you are. But bottom line, we need SOMETHING to be done to stop our financial decay.
"One Grand Bargain" deals with Entitlement Reforms, Spending Cuts specific, and Tax Reforms to put our Nation on pace to end Deficit spending, solve the National Debt, and put us on pace to have a smaller, efficient Government.
We OWE it to our children and grand children to STOP the futile exercise of "Kicking the Can" down the road!
IF you agree with that, then I truly hope you enjoy reading "One Grand Bargain". When you finish reading, please share the book with neighbors and friends- and most especially, Your Congressional Representative.
Here is the link for the Amazon E-book:
If you have any solutions for America, I would love to hear yours- so send them to me at:

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dmitri chavkerov on Monday, May 26, 2014 4:02 AM
I'm very impressed by the detail of your blog posts about financial crisis. This is going to be very helpful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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