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Immigration Reform Premise- MUST READ

United States Immigration
Origin and History:          Immigration in the United States has evolved from the original Immigration Act of 1790(White men in good standing), Immigration Act of 1882(started charging Immigrants a fee of 50 cents to offset costs, convicts/idiots/people unable to take care of themselves) were sent back to home country), Immigration Act of 1917(restricted by “undesirable countries” plus those against organized government/property, those advocating killing officers), Immigration Act of 1921(quotas used for first time, exemptions made for temporary workers, visitors, minors, people from western hemisphere), Immigration Act of 1952(Cold War adjustment, excluded based on criteria versus country of origin such as unlawful, disease, immoral, radical, only accepted people willing to assimilate into the US economic/social/political structure, limited to protect National Security/Interests), Immigration Act of 1965(quota system abolished, switched focus to skills/relationships, fixed amount of VISAs to be approved annually, certain exceptions for special situations), Immigration Act of 1986(focused mainly on resolving illegal immigration, created “Designated Entities” classification and a path to become legal, temporary legal residents denied all forms of public welfare for five years), Immigration Act of 1990(Diversity VISA Lottery Program, 6 regions(Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America/Mexico/Central America/Caribbean, State Dept keeps track of Immigrant important information), and finally the Immigration Act of 1996(dealt directly with border security/patrols/equipment/process, updated legal and illegal immigration, tightened up the benefit access of illegal aliens such as medical access/housing/reporting/etc).
The Terrorist Acts on 9/11 brought an additional round of Immigration changes as we started to protect our Country with the Immigration policy and operations by the newly formed Department of Homeland Security and the creation of the USA Patriot Act.
The USA Patriot Act of 2001 also changed/updated/enforced numerous aspects of Immigration related policy. Title I - it deals with Domestic Security, Section 102 specifically pointing out not to express condemnation discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans. Title II – It deals with Surveillance, Section 203 - It allows sharing of electronic/wire/oral intercept information be shared with Immigration officials if matter of foreign/counter intelligence involved. Title III – It deals with Money Laundering, Section 326 – It requires banks identify account holders and match against terrorist and terrorist organization lists to prevent ML. Title IV – It deals with Protecting the Border, Subtitle A deals with Northern Border, Section 403 – It allows INS and State Dept access to FBI’s NCIC-III and Wanted Persons File related to Criminal History, Section 405 – It requires Attorney General to report to Congress on feasibility of expanding FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System(IAFIS) for VISA applicants and VISA holders, Subtitle B/Section 411 – It excludes Terrorists and aliens with ties to Terrorist organizations or who intends to commit terrorist acts, Section 412 – It deals with AG being authorized to certify and start removal proceedings on any designated terrorist or affiliate, hold up to 6 months, report to Congress every 6 months with update of the grounds for/nationalities/length of detention/disposition of their cases, Section 413 – It allows Secretary of State to share VISA-lookout database information with Foreign Government to combat terrorism/trafficking/controlled substances/persons/or weapons, Section 414 – It deals with AG’s expedited implementation of the integrated entry and exit data system enacted back in 1996 IIRAIRA, fully implement at all airports/seaports/land border ports, reports to Congress every 12 months with “what information is needed from any other agency”, Section 416 – It deals with the full implementation of 1996 IIRAIRA regarding student VISA and tracking, Section 417 – It deals with VISA waiver countries and foreign countries implementing their side of machine readable passports or “moving toward that”, Section 418 – It deals with candidates going through a third country with looser security screens for obtaining a VISA to United States.
The current run-rate of Immigration in 2016 has a total of 40 million foreign born people into our Country, totaling over 16% of our overall population. Those numbers are the highest by far since the 1920’s. Immigration is both the integration of foreigners into our wonderful melting pot of diversity of a Country, balanced against the ability to handle these immigrants without changing or damaging our American Culture (the very reason most immigrants come for and want to experience). There is also a very high cost for Immigration(lower wages as labor pool higher, additional benefits with are in part offset but are a net negative to the Fiscal ledger in the form of Day 1 welfare/medical/educational/social security/disability/etc)
Most Recent 2015 VISA Immigrant State Department Information:
Table XVI(A)- Classes of Non-Immigrant VISAs (including Border Crossing Cards)
                94.5% of the 10.89 Million are from 11 Categories:
                                100,563-               A2 Visa- Foreign Govt Official/Family
                                7,199,807-           B1/B2 Visa- Temp Visitor for Business/Pleasure
                                1,166,668-           B1/B2/BCC Visa- Combo of B1/B2 and Border Crossing Card
                                280,664-               C1/D Visa- Combo Transit/Crew Member
                                644,233-               F1 Visa- Student (Academic or Language training program)
                                172,748-               H1B Visa- Temp Worker - Distinguished Merit/Ability, not RN
                                108,144-               H2A Visa- Temp Worker of Agricultural Services
                                124,484-               H4 Visa- Spouse of H1B/B1/C, H2A/B, or H3
                                332,540-               J1 Visa- Exchange Visitor
                                78,537-                 L1 Visa- Intra-Company Transferee
                                86,067-                 L2 Visa- Intra-Company Transferee Spouse/Child
                                10,294,455 Total over a base of 10,891,745 = 94.5% of Total Immigration VISAs
Table III – Immigrant VISAs issued by Foreign Country/Place of Birth
                531,463 Total immigrant VISAs issued within 6 Global Regions
**Immigrant VISA less than 5% of Total Legal Immigrant/Non-Immigrant pool
                                Africa                    52,083
                                                Most Immigrants to US-                Egypt , Ethiopia, Nigeria
                                Asia                       210,794
Most Immigrants to US-                Afghanistan, Bangadesh, China, India, Iran, S. Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
                                Europe                 45,081
                                                Most Immigrants to US- Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
                                North America  189,584
Most Immigrants to US- Cuba, Dominican Rep, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico
                                Oceania               2,232     (most popular Australia has less than 1000 immigrants to US)
                                South America  31,689
                                                Most Immigrants to US- Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Venezuala
Table XX – Immigrant and Non-Immigrant VISA ineligibilities (Grounds for Refusal under INA)
                Immigrant Ineligibility Finding                  325,410(209,882 resolved/approved)
                Non-Immigrant Ineligibility Finding       3,109,399             (691,873 resolved/approved)
**If You Eliminate the “couldn’t establish Non-Immigrant Status & Application didn’t comply with INA or Regulations, then less than 100,000 Immigrants were Refused/less than 200,000 Non-Immigrants were Refused.
                **More than 97% of total Applications were Approved for Immigrant/Non-Immigrant Status
Conclusion of our Origin & History-       It is clear that all Immigration(Immigrants and Non-Immigrants are considered together under this title) has always been an America First premise, handling Immigration to better our Country, to protect our Country/provide National Security in many respects, to assimilate all Immigration candidates into our Countries Culture, to be fair in the Cost/Benefit, to provide for fair Due Process, to be as Efficient & Compassionate about the Timing/Actions, to provide a certain amount of Compassionate Humanity for Foreigners without Great Risk to our Country, to be a Leader in Immigration amongst other Nations, and also to act Independently in all regards to how we evolve our Immigration process.
Immigration is much bigger than just “building a wall”, but it is also not something to be designed for what is best for the Immigrant at the expense, demise, or risk of our Country. The Need for Reform is more than overdue, and needs to be broad in scope, updated for all recent events and technologies, & incorporate not only our History- but the Spirit of American Values as we have been and will be moving forward. We must deal with not only the future of applicants to come to our Country, but also with those who are here illegally and must be either assimilated, integrated, or deported. We must be compassionate but firm, disciplined but fair, and forward looking but with a grasp on who we have been and are today. We must find a balance of Immigration without diluting the American Culture, bringing in immigrants who truly want what is best for America while screening out who will burden or cause us harm, keep our place as a Leader in Immigration but not at a price of harming the very thing it is that immigrants wish when they arrive- the Freedoms & Hope at a chance at the American Dream.
We currently have about 12-20 million Illegal Immigrants in the United States, while we also have about another 11 million who are legal residents that qualify for Citizenship- but are simply here as long term residents without transitioning into Citizens. The origin of Immigration was a path for foreigners to come to the United States to become Citizens, so we can not lose sight of that or have that as the core incentivized goal for all who come here. It should be a mutually-agreed upon goal by both the US Government and the applicants who come through this long and costly process.
We currently have numerous agencies who need to act with an extremely fluid and positive interaction for us to attain the efficiency, synergy, and protective success. The USCIS(INS, ICE), DHS, State Dept, CIA, FBI, Interpol, Local Law Enforcement and all of our Partner Nations of Immigration must all be brought together in a better chemistry with a soft bridge of collaboration to effect a great end result, but not sabotage the very integrity they are sworn to uphold and protect.
We need to Reform Now our Immigration System, agree on where We need to go NOW, and then Enforce the Law NOW to the best of our ability moving forward.
COMING SOON- My best effort for that regard to get the Immigration Discussion going again.

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