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Immigration Reform of 2016

Immigration Reform of 2016
The main focus of Immigration should keep with the Spirit of America and its history of immigration, should incorporate a balance of costs and benefits as it impacts America, and always focus on the safety of America First. At no point should the immigration of foreigners into America come at the risk or price of diluting/altering the very American true immigrants come to experience, at a significant burden to the current American taxpayer that is diminishes the American experience, or to knowingly allow by intentionally ignoring true knowledge of fact or by ignoring gaps & unsubstantiated material facts about an Immigrants historical path.
Immigration is for the purpose of either becoming a Citizen or coming here for a Non-Immigrant reason on a temporary basis. These should be treated equally for HOW they come into America, but very different in the costs and benefits of their path. It is the Immigrant Candidates Choice which path to pursue, but they should know the specific expectations and costs associated with their path prior to choosing it.
Immigration is a Privilege, not a Right. It is about making America better by always re-establishing a currently fair and consistent standard to bring only people of Good Standing who are focused on assimilating into our compassionate Melting Pot of a Country as shown in our wonderful history of Immigration, not in taking all applicants as the highest amount to dilute and fundamentally change the fabric of the American Culture or place America at risk by making poor, uninformed, or personally/politically beneficial decisions for any reason.
Expectations for ALL Candidates(both Immigrant and Non-Immigrant):
Candidate’s admittance must make America better by their presence, their actions while here, and their demonstrated Loyalty to America.
Candidates must agree to assimilate into the American Culture, to learn and operate within the mainstream of our Society, and to develop your own America First mentality.
Candidates must have and maintain a “Person in Good Standing” at all times.
Candidates must come from a “Nation in Good Standing” and have Complied/Passed a background check: including but not limited to Employment, Financial, Criminal, Education, Political, Religious, Marital, Medical, Group Affiliations, etc.
Candidates must voluntarily submit DNA samples & blood samples, fingerprints, voice match recordings, photo, signature, and electronic text/type patterns directly to our State Dept. These will be stored and shared with DHS until the Candidate either is disqualified in the process or is approved/enters the US/and then either becomes an eventual Citizen or leaves America.
Candidates must pay an entry fee, and also an additional annual fee, in order to come and stay in America.
Candidates must understand and agree that their entering the U.S. does not get them benefits on Day One of any kind; they will be qualified and treated as a Visitor to our shores. Also, Candidates will not start accruing any Federal Benefits until they receive their Citizenship.
Candidates for Immigration Only must develop a knowledge of American History, a minimum functional use of English, and maintain a job(or someone in family must hold to represent the family unit).
Candidates for Immigration Only must understand the path to Citizenship is the mutually agreed-upon Goal. Any Candidate not attaining Citizenship within a year of their eligibility will be penalized with a tax burden of 3% of their personal gross income.
ALL Candidates must agree PRIOR to coming to America with the agreed upon Path, that the burden is on them to maintain this Path both in their behaviors and payments, and that they must abide by the process of that Path. Any failure that is not immediately positively resolved will result in deportation.
Changes within America(both for the Structure and Process)-
Complete the fence/vehicle barriers for the Southern Border- we cannot control Immigration, Costs, or National Security without it.
Improve the tactics, strategies, and tools we apply to Border protection(All Borders land and sea). Recommendations are for Drones, Cameras(add more Camera and Radar towers as well), Thermal Imaging, Sonar, Sensors to compliment the actions and duties of Border Agent patrols. All updated technology should be applied in an effort to reduce/stop unauthorized entry into the United States on all Borders. DHS is already mandated to patrol and safeguard all Airports, Seaports and Land port of entry- so this would be an additional step in that direction to keep all Americans safe.
Complete the Border Agent/Enforcement staffing levels of the agreed upon Dream Act “Border Surge” of agents to 40,000. Current levels are around 20,000.
Leverage all the current technology to protect both our shores and screen out applicants to the best of our ability. There should be a consistent ability to upgrade and add-in advancements on a recurring basis, which should be designed in and allowed with some small oversight approval as opposed to a national reform package being necessary.
End the “Catch and Release” Border policy currently in place. All Catches are given “due process” but in most cases will end in deportation. All catches are fingerprinted, photographed, and DNA sampled prior to their deportation as a penalty for their action. All fingerprints are run through the FBI/State/Interpol system to validate no outstanding warrants prior to their deportation. Record is kept of their information for a minimum of 5 years. No person of illegal entry is allowed to obtain a VISA or Border Card for a period of 5 years minimum. IF fingerprint check shows they are a repeat offender, they are placed into a detention center for 90 days prior to being sent back to their Home Country. All Repeat offenders are never to receive a VISA or Border Card as penalty for unlawful entry into the US. Any 3 Violation they are simply sent back to their Home Country and they must incarcerate for a period of 1 year, as previously agreed upon by both State Departments.
Increase Funding to Detention Centers and their ability to house and maintain personnel.
Develop a non-negotiable relationship with Home Countries of all Illegal Immigrants for purposes of accepting deportees once caught. This must be a firm point of our relations and should have consequences if Countries are not willing to comply(see Ally Status plan below).
VISAs/Border Cards must not be extended to known criminals or people with any terrorist links, either direct or indirect.
Create Crime Syndicate Directories with a multi-nation platform and commitment to maintain as current for the benefit of all.
Create a Terrorist Syndicate Directory with a multi-nation platform approach that keeps high profile people of concern of any Country as a top concern for All Countries. All moderate or minimum threat assessments should be maintained within a specific Country until they are vetted as a non-concern and removed or are heightened therefore escalated into the multi-nation platform.
Implement the US-VISIT Exit System- once you VISA has expired you need to be deported(or legally extend within 60 days and pay a penalty). IF your stay is over 60 days without a current VISA, it is forced deportation to your Host Country without they option to stay in the US. Any forced deportation mandates a 1 year waiting period prior to starting any return Immigration Application Process.
Update & Implement screening Criteria to be approved for entry as an Immigrant/non-immigrant up to, and including, but not limited to: voluntarily DNA samples, fingerprints, voice match recordings, photo, signature, and electronic text/type patterns for background checks as well as checks regarding Employment, Financial, Criminal, Education, Political, Religious, Marital, Medical, Group Affiliations, etc.
Implement a limited screening for those travelling abroad from the US in any regard (Citizen, Immigrant, or Non-Immigrant) so their travel/whereabouts can be tracked for purposes of our future National Security. Implement a deeper screening protocol for those people listed on Terrorist Watchlist(Threat level 1-2 are forbidden travel, level 3-5 are allowed but deeply screened and tracked.
Develop a Terrorist Watchlist Standard that is public, consistent, available, and tiered in a status 1-5 format. Threat levels of 1-2(highest type) should be private to Government agencies(although shared with other Foreign Government Agencies for the Greater Good) but publicly aware as to what constitutes someone being on that list. Levels 3-5(held Private within the US Government Agencies) should be modest to extremely low threats and ALL individuals should be made aware of WHY they are on the list, WHAT they can do to get off that list, and interviewed/screened to insure they are not a concern in the mass population. Although this change should be a National Security Issue, it permeates the Immigration Equation so dramatically it cannot be left out of any Reform.
Develop an Ally Status Algorithm which would calculate another Nations level of interaction with the United States. Recommendation is for the Department of Homeland Security to establish 5 distinct levels- Ally (top ranking), Partner(2 level), Neutral(3), Disciplined(4), and Threat Nation(Lowest). These rankings should be based on a calculated algorithm designed off actions, outcomes, and cooperation(or lack thereof) such as Trade, Currency, Patent/Copyright Infringement, Immigration Collaboration, National Security cooperation, Anti-Cyber Terrorism coordination, and possibly Human Rights or Environmental Concerns. Talk is cheap. Our Allies should be defined by their Actions with, for, or against us. Their Actions should have clearly defined effect on how we deal with them, interact with them, and how we treat them. Any Nation who is a Disciplined or Threat Nation is not to be allowed any Immigration (either directly, or indirectly another 3 party nation). Any Nation who is deemed a Disciplined or Threat Nation should have a National Security Tariff placed on them, 10% for Disciplined- 25% for Threat Nations. All Ally Status should be updated every 2 years based on the factors that make it up, although a significant development might change ones status immediately such as an act of War or Terrorism. During the 6 month annual review by State Department to Congress, State Department should update Congress on the factors and weighting involved in the Ally Algorithm as well as take input on additional criteria they would suggest incorporating. Algorithm is updated by State Department every 2 years, both for what factors makes it up and what weighting each should receive. New Algorithm is publicized, and holds true for all Applications for Immigration received dated after its enactment date. 
Remove completely the ability for 3 party Immigration (people who travel to a 3 Country with easier or quicker rules for Immigration purposes). It works against the grain of common sense for people to “game the system for their benefit” with the outcome being to put America at risk. All Immigrants must have a minimum of 5 years of History in their Host Country of Origin for Immigration. No Immigration can be approved without that base of Security. Any Applicant with a prior history to a Threat Nation or affiliated (as determined by DHS/State Dept) must not be allowed. The only exclusion is a Refugee status which must be completely vetted by DHS prior to their admission to the US. We cannot have our Compassion be leveraged as a weakness in our National Security. America First places the needs of our people above the wants of those who want to come here for any reason.
Increase sharply the fees for the most used forms of Immigrant/Non-Immigrant travel such as A2 Visa- Foreign Government Official/Family, B1/B2 Visa- Temp Visitor for Business/Pleasure, B1/B2/BCC Visa- Combo of B1/B2 and Border Crossing Card, C1/D Visa- Combo Transit/Crew Member, F1 Visa- Student(Academic or Language training program), H1B Visa- Temp Worker of Distinguished Merit/Ability(not RN), H2A Visa- Temp Worker of Agricultural Services, H4 Visa- Spouse of H1B/B1/C, H2A/B, or H3, J1 Visa- Exchange Visitor, L1 Visa- Intra-Company Transferee, and L2 Visa- Intra-Company Transferee Spouse/Child. The goal is reduce the amount of Immigration and to put the true cost burden on any type of Immigrant entering the US (whether for a permanent or temporary manner).
Any Issue or misstep that flags the Applicant as “Refused” (whether it by application error, background omission or issue, etc) must result in a 1 year waiting period prior to their reapplication.
All applications for VISA/Border Cards must be upgraded and handled electronically to both streamline the process and allow for the necessary tracking of the process. This is a critical part of any Reform.
Implement annual fees for all types of Non-Citizens to incentivize their path completion to Citizenship, and decrease the amount of Immigrants using America as their personal ATM prior to their return to their true home country.
All Government Employees and all Levels/Ranks/Branch of Military personnel must be Citizens of the United States. Special jobs might be created for skill specific(IE: language ability, etc) as an Independent Contractor to liaison with the Government/Military needs. Any exceptions made for special skills will automatically place them on the Level 5(lowest Watchlist) and trigger a need for all substantive background checks, both initially and recurring during their active role with the Govt/Military. Any Non-Citizen personnel is not allowed to carry a firearm under any circumstance; they are classified by and used exclusively as non-combative special consultants only.    
All STEM (Scientific, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Job opportunities must be Publicly-posted for a 6 month period and well publicized PRIOR to any application for an application to bring in a foreign resident for the same position. All firms must downsize by trimming foreign-born VISA holders in equal proportion to American citizens.
International Students should pay a much higher burden for their use of our public schools. A portion of this money can be returned to them IF they stay within the US as an employee after schooling for a predetermined amount of time. If they go back to their Home Country after graduation, they forfeit all rights to these fees permanently. The International Students inclusion in the available College Enrollment pool raises the demand for US Tuition and therefore needs to be slightly discouraged more than it is, to slow this rate while still allowing for the ability of some cultural diversity to happen. All Candidates that are approved and given International Student Status will automatically place them on the Level 5(lowest Watchlist) and trigger a need for all substantive background checks, both initially and recurring during their stay in the US.  
Develop a “soft” interaction between Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and IRS, Schools, Hospitals, Banks, Any Firm doing overseas Wire Transfers, Gun Shops, etc. The goal is not to create a data bank of citizens, it is a “Trickle Up” of certain information based on red flags at local level as a way of determining who is Illegal or worse, who is a potential threat within the US and needs to be considered based on their habits, purchases, or behaviors. A similar “Trickle Up” should be passed along from all social media companies (foreign and domestic) who do business in the US. A similar “Trickle Up” should be coordinated with phone companies regarding calls made to Threat Nations, or with regard to people already listed on the Terrorist Watchlist.
“VISA-to-Citizenship” Timeframes should be tailored according to the Country of Origins status. As an example, Ally Nations should pass from Immigrant to Citizen in 4 years, Partner Nations in 6 years, and Neutral Nations in 8 years. All Current Illegal Immigrants will have a much slower path, if they choose, which would take 10 years to get a Green Card, then 3 years to be Eligible for Citizenship.
States should be made aware of the Number of Refugees sent to their State, not the names of general population. All people on Terrorist Watchlist Levels 3-5 must be made aware to the States(whether they are Citizens, Immigrant, Non-Immigrant or Refugee). Levels 1-2 should receive direct monitoring from the DHS/FBI and are not to be communicated to the States.
All Refugees should enter and be voluntarily detained at one of the DHS immigration detention facilities to give them safe harbor, but allow for the vetting process to be fully implemented. DHS currently operates three family detention facilities, in Dilley and Karnes City, Texas, and Leesport, Pennsylvania, which in total can hold over 3,700 individuals. Current detention capacity within DHS is over 34,000 beds.
State Department should maintain a level of all Immigration that is consistent with the history of American Immigration (approximately 10-12% of the total population).
Recommendation is for a hard cap on all Immigration of total population level, so as to permit proper cost benefit usage, proper monitoring and administering of the Immigration process, and to allow for a more timely assimilation into the American Culture.
E-Verify should be nationally mandated by the Federal Government and Implemented by the States for 100% of all people within their borders. All Government Entities, Business, or Employment Opportunities of any kind (whether Government, Private or Public, whether Profit or Non-Profit) are given a 90 days window to implement E-verify for 100% of their current employees and maintain a current E-verify status with all new hires. All employees flagged as illegal are not immediately terminated, but then given a 12 month grace period to either choose a path toward Citizenship if they wish or deportation, but those 2 options are the only choices. No person should be left unverified after that 12 month grace period. Once that period has closed, all non-verified people are subject to deportation as their only path.
All Immigrants/non-Immigrants should be issued a Passport card that is no different on its face than a regular passport card, but has internal database questions which allow for the soft, non-public awareness of certain flagged behaviors within DHS/State/FBI circles. These cards should be carried at all times and able for review by any authority when there is reasonable cause. This Card should be used for their identification for hiring paperwork, school enrollment, housing, utilities, etc. No Resident should be able to get any Federal, State, or Local Aid without it.
Any person maintaining a Permanent Resident card should have a heightened fee levied on them to either incentivize their Path to Citizenship, force them to go back to their Home Country, or have them pay for them Cost they bring to bear in all of the services available to them.
Any person maintaining a Dual Citizenship should pay an annual fee for holding that status and they should be maintained on the Terror Watchlist Level 1 by default as their loyalty to the US, by definition of dual citizenship, is in doubt. All obligations of Level 1 are consistently levied upon them as the price of holding dual citizenship. It is their choice to hold dual status, so they are simply being held accountable for their decision.
No person of any status other than Citizenship of the United States should accrue any credits toward Federal benefits. In keeping with the spirit of “No Taxation without Representation”, the Non-citizens should have their Social Security Payroll withholdings redirected within the US Treasury away from the Social Security Administration and be used exclusively to help offset the cost of the Immigrant Health Care, Schooling, Housing, Welfare, etc.
All Non-Citizens will pay a 5% Immigration Income Tax to help offset the current Benefits issued by Federal Government on Day One. IF Entitlement/Benefit Reform is enacted to eliminate these Day One Benefits- this tax rate should be reduced or eliminated in keeping with the fairness of US Policy.
All Immigration Policy is to be reviewed by a Bi-Partisan Commission every Four Years. All necessary updates are to be made public and disseminated for a minimum of 6 months. All Changes are drafted into a Bill that is mandated to for an Up/Down vote by both the House of Representatives and Senate within 6 months of the end of that “review date”. All Votes are made public and disseminated for a period of 6 months, and if not passed, is the starting point for the next review cycle in 4 years.
All Immigration Administrators and Operatives are to act with Best Efforts in a non-political way. They are to act only for the best interests of America, for the safe and consistent outcome in their duties. They must be given a voice of how to improve the system and “trickle up” better practices for review by their supervisors and eventually the Bi-Partisan Commission.
All Immigration Laws are mandated to be Enforced-in-Full. Any person in an Administrative and Enforcement capacity is sworn to act in the best interest of America, to not act in any politically-beneficial or sympathetic manner. Any Attempt to perform less than the expected “Best Efforts Standard” should be considered as a intentional dereliction of duty and should result in an Internal Investigation- results of which should be made public when it starts, be transparent as it proceeds with updates, and is well documented and publicly posted when completed.
All Reforms and Immigration Policies overall, must be implemented in Full by the United States and all of the Territories.

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