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October 2016

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Social Issues

Social Issues–The Reality Party recognizes and celebrates all of our personal diversity, supports individual liberties within the law, supports all Constitutional rights/freedoms, supports any pursuit as long as its within the scope of US law and doesn’t impede or infringe on the right or Freedom of someone else, mandates that all entities that receive public money spend it efficiently and only to the purpose it was intended, and supports the risk inherent in individual liberty to be accountable for one’s self.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Constitutional Rights

Constitutional Rights–The Reality Party supports the Principles established in the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, supports a limited Federal Government that works for US, supports limiting the reach of Federal Government and the scale in spending as well by capping it at 18% of GDP maximum(less if possible), supports a strong nation of laws that empowers individuals/business/states, supports a non-activist Judicial branch & an executive branch that doesn’t overreach, and supports a Government that protects us in a larger sense but one that recognizes our indisputable autonomy of individual Freedoms within that scope.

REALITY PARTY - Nation Security

National Security-The Reality Party supports policies and programs that guarantee a strong national border, supports substantial reform to Immigration policy, supports vetting of 100% of Immigrants or denial of passage for any reason, supports an official recognition of the National Debt as a potential real security breach and commit to eliminating it, supports an American First policy, supports upgrading our military(in strength not size) and intelligence capabilities(both human assets and cyber capabilities), supports revitalizing our international relationships and expectations from partner nations, supports using all aspects of military/intelligence/cyber/financial reach to proactively eliminate terrorism from the planet, supports using our nation’s status & strategic importance to reinforce with clarity and consistency our nations objectives & commitments, and supports putting the safety of our citizens, resources, & the economic interests of our country above all other foreign concerns.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice-The Reality Party supports Criminal Justice Reform to clarify the roles/expectations of all entities involved, supports eliminating any inherent bias built in the system or sentencing guidelines, supports stronger relationships between law enforcement/communities, supports law enforcement living in the community they police, supports raising the penalties for Drug Smuggling/Dealing & Human Trafficking, supports an approach similar to “stop and frisk”, supports a proactive law enforcement approach profiling for Cause not Race/Religion, supports the mandate for all individuals to carry either Federal or State Identification at all times & be required to show it when asked by law enforcement, supports Prison Reform/alternative incarceration to reduce recidivism, and supports strong community involved private/public partnerships in inner-city areas of need to change the cultural dynamic as a way to break the current destructive cycle.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy –The Reality Party supports elimination of foreign aid to any nation harboring terrorists/training facilities/non-compliance with our national security policies, supports putting America First yet respecting the policies and sovereignty of all nations, supports creating an Ally Algorithm that defines by results/actions who our Allies are/by default who is not, supports raising the penalty for human trafficking and smuggling, supports eliminating our Nation building approach and reducing our International police role, supports getting all other nations to be more self-reliant for defense, supports using vehicles such as NATO and UN as leverage to enforce international issue, supports utilizing strict trade embargoes on terrorist nations until compliant, and supports redefining the difference between States & Terrority/Citizen & Resident/Permanent Resident & Temporary Documented Immigrant.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Immigration Policy

Immigration-The Reality Party supports a comprehensive Immigration Reform to focus on 3 main goals- good standing of candidate, willingness of candidate to assimilate into America, intent of Candidate to become a Citizen & better our Nation. We support legal immigration at a restrained rate that America can handle without risk, supports Immigration from nations in good standing and does not support Immigration from Terror/Risk nations, does not support Immigration of Candidates who cannot be vetted properly, supports a compassionate fair transparent approach to resolving the Undocumented Worker issue, and supports a congressional committee update of Immigration policy on a 4 year basis so it always stays aligned with modern day American needs and values.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Energy Policy

Energy Policy –The Reality Party supports VAT on all energy exports, supports reinvigorating the power grid in a public/private partnership, supports regional energy refinery hubs, supports reducing and then eliminating energy subsidies completely, and supports energy independence from foreign sources.
·         Promote and Pass an Energy Reform Package, combination of short & long term goals/pathways
·         Establish a 10% VAT for all Oil/Gas Exports, proceeds to help pay down National Debt

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy- The Reality Party supports safeguarding our nation’s natural resources balanced with the need for economic development as decided at the State level, supports eliminating the EPA at the Federal level/replaced with State level control, supports a streamlined EPA Advisory panel to advise/suggest to States, and supports transparent environmental impact studies within each state including real solutions to how better to proceed if results are insufficient.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Government & Ethics

Government and Ethics –The Reality Party supports clear and transparent lobbyist efforts which are not misaligned with regular citizen access to leadership, supports Campaign finance reform by making all efforts 100% transparent & making Federal monies available only to Candidates raising less than $100 million for President, supports eliminating career politicians who serve themselves more than their constituents, supports reform of the Criminal Justice system, supports elimination of or penalties for frivolous lawsuits, supports lawsuit process reform overall, supports streamlining the lower courts process, strongly recommends reinforcement of the separation of powers between the branches of Government to minimize judicial activism/executive overreach, supports the highest ethical standards and effective oversight of our elected leadership, and supports strongly reducing or eliminating Executive Orders as they are by definition not intended to work outside our political structure to get personal goals accomplished against the greater good as decided by the proper nationally-elected officials.

REALITY PARTY 2016 - Healthcare

Healthcare –The Reality Party supports affordable and accessible healthcare based on informed decisions between doctor and patient, supports complete repeal of the ACA(Obamacare), supports a real solution to certain issues by a national bi-partisan transparent interactive process, supports re-establishment of individual HCAs, supports Tort reform for all aspects of the medical community, supports complete overhaul of pharmaceutical pricing model/patent timing/generic expectation, and supports a Patient First premise to all Healthcare aspects.
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