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Trumps WIN- and What needs to Happen now

Trump Wins! Trump Wins! Trump Wins...   OK, now thats out of our system- Let's actually Talk about Transitioning & more importantly GOVERNING this Country.
He won- in an emotional battle of very different view of where to take this Country, and "Elections have Consequences". The moment urges him to "spike the football" & stick it in peoples face- HE MUST NOT!
Donald Trump Won, but now that he Won- He needs to Represent ALL AMERICANS, and That starts NOW- not on January 20th when his hand comes off the Bible. The minute our Election finishes any President-Elect Must take off his/her Party Pin and represent ALL Americans, make Decisions that make ALL of our Lives Better, and Do what is Truly Best for the People Overall.
DJT tone right now is critical, his messaging & word choice, his reach across the aisle, his appointment process & end game choices, & his Actions during his First 100 days will define what is in his Heart of Hearts & in his Soul, more so than any piece of Information we have seen so far.
America is "emotional" right now- some are Happy, some are Scared, some are Upset- but almost All are feeling something. That will pass for the most part, and he can't control or end that- BUT he could amplify it OR extend it IF he chooses poorly how to conduct himself. Thta will also be minimized IF he conducts himself Presidentially & starts to show signs of representing ALL of us.
Half the Country has been ignored for the last 8 years as we had a President who had a partisan agenda, an unwillingness to be bipartisan(as defined in his first 2 years be alienating GOP lawmakers from all acts), & someone who always put his Party before the Presidency..   DJT Cannot Make that Huge Mistake. It is critical for our Country to realign a Political Balance of Bipartisanship, of inclusion to a point, of dialogue between Congressional colleagues and as a nation on large core issues.
He has A LOT to achieve and A LOT of expectations for "putting us back on the right track"(whatever that means to YOU), which is tough to achieve as we ALL have a different expectation of what that means. He also has a Country feels MOST of us were left behind in this last recovery OR more than that(possibly decades of being abandoned for some in inner-cities).
My advice, if he asks, would be to reach out immediately to the Democrats and re-establish relations. He needs to get ALL of Congress active again, and willing to reach across the aisle to make large policies BIPARTISAN. DJT could shove things down the DEMS throat(similar to How Obama acted in 2008-2010) but that would alienate and upset more than Half the country, extended our disfunctional Governmental status. He needs to serve the greater good by being the adult in the room, similiar to Reagan, and tell his top staff on down "We never tallk about party lines, we discuss good & bad- and do what is best for the people". Period. End of Story.
Low hanging fruit is ALL OVER THE PLACE, as we haven't done any real legislation since 2010. HOW he achieves his Promises is JUST as important as him following through on his Promises..  one is for America, one is for the people who Voted For Him. Both are critical, so its important he finds a balance in this process.
America has the wonderful freedoms to disagree, to argue, to debate, even "agree to disagree" without any fear of reprisal. We need to have more patience with others views, more ability to listen- and less talking, more inclusion with people outside our core so policies represent a broader swath of America, & get back to the truly interactive Bipartisan Functional Government that represents the People- not Lobbyists/Donors/Elites.
Reagan & O'Neil worked together.
Clinton & Gingrich worked together.
WHY couldn't Trump/Ryan not work with some Democrats to craft Better, more Comprehensive, Legislation?
I had a "good" election day, as my candidate won...  but that was the easy part. Now as he starts down the path of appointments, dialogues, & then Governing starting Jan 20th, I expect him to be a President, not a Party Poster boy. I expect him to represent ALL America, not just who Voted for Him. I expect him to represent our Great Nation PRESIDENTIALLY, not embarass us or make us feel "bad" about our Country. I expect him to make Good on his campaign promises for the most part, but I expect him to negotiate & include a MUCH broader audience than simply his inner circle.
DJT has the FIRST Republican Trifecta(pres/senate/house all GOP) since 1928- so he now has a Big Burden. He must use that Power Wisely, and understand that every Law he signs will have a significant ripple into our Society & to the very people who live, work, vote, raise families, pay taxes, etc. He cannot use that trifecta as a blunt tool to beat his policies into our culture against the greater good or alignment of our culture.
CHOOSE WISELY for All of Us. LEAD WISELY for All of Us. --  America Needs a Leader who can Unite Us Again.

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