@POTUS #Trump New Book Intro Here- Read, Review, Enjoy!
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@POTUS #Trump New Book Intro Here- Read, Review, Enjoy!

America chose a different path in the Election of 2016 by siding with Donald J. Trump, an outsider, a “never governed” person, someone from Business and not a Political background. Now the question is:
“What Path Should He Take to Govern & Why?”
The following is my best effort for what would help heal the many issues facing America today using a “Third Party Platform Concept”- both structural design flaws, outdated policies, & cost imbalances. IF we have a Bold New Leader, is it possible that we can remedy all these ills and put us on a track to Prosperity once again? Only time will tell. But remember these things:
                He proposed a Contract with America & putting America First, but will he follow it?
                He held a tough position on Immigration, but will he act on it?
                He talked big about the Economy, but will he deliver on those words?
                He has a Republican Senate & House, but can he lead them to legislate on his ideas?
                He is inheriting $20 Trillion National Debt & Imbalanced Budgets, but can he fix that?
                He is stepping into the Washington DC swamp, but will (or can) he Drain it?
                He ran a Campaign on bombastic rhetoric, but will he govern with Grace & Stable Leadership?
                He wants to Make America Great Again, but can he restore our American Dream?
Once again, only time will tell….
Enjoy the read, and then share with friends. Be sure to let me know how you feel & think once you have, as a national dialogue is a huge part to crafting the right legislation, using proper principles and realistic answers to our modern day burdens & issues.
John A. Jensen, Founder of FixTheNation.com, @FixTheNation via Twitter
Here is my wish/directive for a Trump “Contract with America”:
1.        Require All Laws Passed to be “Pay as you Go”, have a True Path to pay for it within Budget
2.       Require a Vote to Repeal & Replace ACA/Obamacare in First 100 days
3.       Require All Laws that Apply to the rest of Country also apply to Congress, including      ACA/Replacement & Eliminate Exceptions/Exemptions by certain Private Groups
4.       Require a Vote on Tax Reform within the First 100 days
5.       Require a Vote on Immigration Reform within the First 100 days
6.       Pass a Balanced Budget on Time in Year One, Start Process for Balanced Budget Amendment
7.       Require an Internal Audit of The Federal Reserve, Clarify Dual Mandate Role
8.       Require a Vote on Supreme Court Nominee within First 100 days
9.       Require a Review/Repeal Process be Established to Eliminate Burdensome Regulations
10.   Require a Vote on Education Reform, so We can Compete Globally, Get Real Jobs
11.   Require a Vote to Repeal/Replace Dodd/Frank, include Re-establishment of Glass-Steagall
12.   Require a Vote on Criminal Justice Reform in First 100 days
Remember something critical about Trump’s Congressional situation; he is blessed with a GOP Senate AND a GOP House of Representatives, which is quite helpful to him accomplishing his agenda.
·         This doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants, that would take 60 votes in the Senate.
·         This doesn’t mean he should do whatever he wants, as including the minority party (Democrats) in the process is the healthy way American politics has always worked.
·         This doesn’t mean the GOP will even back him universally on all GOP issues, as there are different factions with different agendas/wants/needs to accomplish.
Trump will need to channel every bit of his “Art of the Deal” influence to get done all that he has talked about doing, both on a domestic and foreign relation front. His biggest frustration, as he is an accomplished businessman who has been decisive and action oriented to get things done, will be the PACE (or lack of) that Congress moves. He is used to deciding, acting & complete in a TIME SENSITIVE fashion, yet that is not how Congress thinks or acts (specifically the Senate who moves at a snails pace compared to what we do and expect). He will need to change that part of the DC culture to enact swift effective change for us all.
What follows is a chapter by chapter breakdown of 15 core topics that Trump should address during his First Term. The details might change, but the tone, topic, and needs will not. American has been on a leadershipless cruise control for way to long. It’s time we actually jump started the active part of Washington DC to actually Do Their Jobs. Gridlock might be fine to stop bad things from happening, but it doesn’t get anything done to take us forward.
                Last Tax Reform-                              1980’s
                Last Criminal Justice Reform-     1990’s
                Last Immigration Reform-            1990’s
                Last Entitlement Reform-            1980’s
The list could keep going but I will take it you get my point… 
Time to Make America Great Again, so let’s get this “Reality Party” started.
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