"REALITY, USA" - Chapter 3- Job Creation
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"REALITY, USA" - Chapter 3- Job Creation

Job Creation – The Reality Party supports an “America First” position, supports the need to stay current and competitive on an international scale, supports leveraging our position as the worlds #1 consumer nation, supports realigning of International pricing practices to remove the burden of subsidizing other nations costs, supports small business creation & innovation as core of Job Creation, supports viewing all bills & regulations as to how they will impact jobs/commerce, and supports a pro-growth policy in all aspects of the Economy to drive & maintain Job Creation.
Question:  How many Private Sector Jobs has Government ever Created?
Answer:  None, that isn’t their Job.
Government’s role in the Job Creation business is to basically set up an environment that businesses WANT to hire, FEEL they can grow, & BELIEVE they will be busier tomorrow than they are today. Did you hear those words (Want, Feel, and Believe)? They are emotional words in a game on unemotional decision-makers. Most businesses make Number decisions- but job creation goes down into the heart of most businesses and asks a core question- Do you need more “hands on deck” to do more business? Do you feel you will be busy enough moving forward to warrant the spending of hiring, admin, training?
Government’s role is to create an environment of fairness and consistency, where businesses can choose to hire and feel they can do business in good faith with a fair shot at getting a return on that investment. THAT is the core problem over the last decade or so, as we have put thousands of regulations and a big roadblock called “Obamacare” into the landscape. Taxes are high, sales are low, confidence is weak, & constant national security threats make you wonder if it’s all worthwhile... well, until Nov 8 happened and people got a big shot of confidence that the gridlock in Wash DC will stop, that Tax and Regulation Reform will happen, that Obamacare will be repealed or replaced by a less costly more viable option, & true Middle Class jobs (not part-time or non-competitive ones) will be created.
The American First slogan was not only something that resonated, but is something that is building real confidence both in business and in consumers. The “Vibe” has changed, and in a big way. We went from an environment that was anti-business for the most part to one that was “Made in the USA” friendly.
Trumps trademark messages was restoring the American Dream, to putting America First, to Making America Great Again, & basically to putting the belief back in Americans(and the World) that we are Exceptional as a Nation and as a people. The bar is high when it comes to the Economic acceleration Trump hopes to gain by his combination of Tax Reform, Downsized Regulations & Executive Orders, & Revamped Trade Deals. He has mentioned the numbers of 3-4% GDP growth as Real Targets, which is something we haven’t seen since the 1990’s. It is also a tricky number to hit, if he truly hopes to reign in Federal government spending.
GDP is a combination of Government & Consumer spending plus Business Revenues, so IF you reduce Government spending it Decreases GDP. The trick would be to raise the business and consumer numbers enough to offset any government decrease.
My concern is Trumps spending control ability. He literally has the Key to the Mint, which unless used wisely & with calculated discipline could be damaging at worst or more of the same Kick the Can mentality. The sweet spot is a Pay As You Go mentality of offsetting new spends by removing old ones.
Trump wants to spend $1 Trillion Dollars over the next 10 years on Infrastructure. Where will the money come from? It is easy “poster child” mention of this topic. IF he wants to spend that money in a Debt ridden and budget imbalanced time, where is he getting the money from to pay for it? It doesn’t matter what project or topic you mention, as the question should never change.
For Decades, the Establishment in Washington DC has overspent. It literally has buried Generations in debt before they are born, and spend Money They Did Not Have. The math says we cannot continue in that lunacy, but must address our fiscal issues.
So why is this important in Job Creation? The point of spending within ones means is directed at confidence. If we were to cycle up the economy and control our spending smartly, both Americans and Business overall would rejoice. Confidence would spike, and through that, driving up Job Creation.
Government, by action or inaction, sets the table for businesses to make their decisions. If Trump were to Drain the Swamp, control costs, accelerate our Economy by his decisions and acts, & replace the belief that the American Dream still exists- then his successful first term would all but be assured.
The Economy and Immigration were his signature issues throughout his Campaign. And when Trump said Economy, the American Middle Class heard Jobs. And now that the campaign is over and the governing begins, it is up to Donald J. Trump and his Dream Team of a Cabinet to get it done.  
Simple Facts:
The US Federal Government spends approximately $4.5 Trillion Dollars.
The US Federal Government spends approximately 22-24% of GDP.
The US Federal Government historically runs at an 18-20% of GDP Average.
We have a $20 Trillion official National Debt.
We have another $20.5 Trillion in Unfunded Future Debt hitting us.
We have another $4 Trillion in real Debt tucked over at the Federal Reserve.
Job Creation must address falling Middle Class wages and reset the belief in spreading the wealth for those who Earn It, not simply redistribute money because people “deserve it”.
THAT doesn’t exist in REALITY.
Job Creation is Critical to all of us, but anything short of actually reducing the size and scope of the Federal Government will put us at risk and almost assuredly guarantee failure of any Economic platform in the longer term. Trump knows this, yet the question is “Will He Fix it?”

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