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Lunacy of Hypocrisy in Wash DC

The GOP Senate is considering the "Nuclear" option to confirm Neal Gorsuch. They Should Not- period. And I say that as a strong supporter for Neal Gorsuch. Short term gain does not justify long term sabotage to the process.
Think back to when the Democrats rammed Obamacare through OR when they used Nuclear option to get their way, etc. It isn't about "getting YOUR way" in politics, it is about "doing what is right" for American people . Doing what is simple IS NOT the same as doing what is right or necessary, and definitely not what is Best for America. Process Matters. It is critical both parties hold the line on Process procedures as it violates all the Checks & Balances embedded into the political structure that is America.
And that simple thought process brings me to the Hypocrisy of DC(and its inherent lunacy baked into that cake)..
Politicians tend to defend theirs and vilify their foes. They condemn one day(when its across the aisle) and then justify it the next(when its one of their own). They talk big and then walk small, always taking the simplist path of political expedience as opposed to fighting for what is truly right and letting the political winds handle themselves.
RULE ONE:  A politician should NEVER consider political rammefications when making a Decision, it only corrupts the end of the process.
Balancing a Budget would be a simple, finding bipartisan relationships & solutions much more readily available, and dealing with real time American issues honestly and openly would be a new norm.
But how do we get there?
It takes fixing the Campaign process. Less outside money is a start. Ban Foreign money completely. Ban contributions across state lines. Ban refunding money to candidates above a certain point(let them loose their money not ours). Ban any advertisements focused on negatives on oppponents as opposed to positives of the candidate who money/PAC funded it. Ban all privacy on PACs(make them 100% transparent about who funds it, who runs it, what their purpose is).  Money is the OXYGEN that allows the fire in DC to burn eternal.
But again, you can cure the money- but you will at some point need to deal with the "weak" people who hold office. They will need to be replaced. Public pressure is nice, but if politicians are to accomplish difficult tasks(such as Entitlement reform, raise taxes, etc- then need to ignore most public pressure and simply do what needs to be done for all of us. Listen, but don't hear.
RULE TWO: A politician should be in Office because they want to get things done, not simply posture on issues and work on getting re-elected. Great People should want to hold Office, but simply do not feel it is worth doing. SO MUCH personal pain from intrusive media, public vilification(worse since unaccountability of Social Media), loss of their current income, public disdain for their "uncovered secrets". etc. The Public needs to get past the need to know every detail, but only what is needed to know. Public Figures are ENTITLED to some private matters about their past and current life, that isn't unhealthy but actually quite normal.
But again- fixing the money and people is once again coming up short.. Why? It simply is against the grain we have cultivated in Wash DC about being brutally hypocritical. That Democrats went Nuclear back then is not enough for Republicans to go Nuclear Now. That Obamacare was rammed through in the dark of night without being read is not enough to deal with legislation now in the same way. That the other side has dropped their standards is not enough for us to forsake ours.
RULE THREE: Remember who you are and who you represent (my Mom would be proud of this one). The American People elect you. They do not expect perfect, They do not expect Every issue to go their way. They DO expect you to get things done that make their Life better. They expect you to look at issues with honest eyes, to analize problems for real solutions, to make allies to pass Legislation properly(like a good baseball trade neither team should Love the deal), and always to remember what got you where you are.
Which also brings up Rule 4....
RULE FOUR: Eliminate ALL privacy rights for Lobbyists in Wash DC. They brightest light possible should be shown on All of these formal lobbyists, on all people who are given private access to public officials, transcripts of meeting/who attends should all be made public, all funding prior/current/future should be publicly revealed. Your lobbyist right of expression cannot be allowed to be weighted more than any average persons. Your lobbyist right to access cannot interfer with the average persons. Your lobbyist ability to access & express cannot dilute the political outcome. Your Lobbyist Money (where it comes from and who it goes to) cannot be allowed to skew the Political process.
In the end, America needs solid leaders to act productively & fairly for the best gain of the American People. It really shouldn't be more complicated than that. Yet remember this, some politicians are elected and need to serve conflicting priorities (local constituents vs national need). No one should ever expect to ALWAYS get thier way. No one should ever expect to ALWAYS win every political fight. No one should therefore be VILIFIED for simply voting on one bill you didn't like or agreeing to compromise (that is not capatulation but part of political process).
RULE FIVE: The US taxpaying voter needs to lighten up, just a little. It isn't productive to put our politicians into small boxes of expectations and say "do only this or your fired". It is unrealistic and VERY counter-productive. We elect Leaders we Trust. We should Empower them to make big boy/girl decisions. We should give them a little wiggle room to negotiate deals if need be. We live that way, so we should grant that simple lattitude to them as well.
Hypocrisy happens in all forms- the politician, the process, the people. But for us to truly fix this great nation and restart the America Political process we have abandoned for the last 8 years, we need to make changes, to compromise, to find ways to mutually agree, to open our hearts & minds to allow for a broader acceptance of norm. I DID NOT SAY TO GIVE UP THE IDEALS YOU TRULY BELIEVE IN. I did say to hold personal beliefs one step removed from the Politician who holds elected office. Your Vote is how you say if that person represents you well, it isn't how you say that personn IS you.
America would benefit if we relaxed on both sides of the aisle slightly, thought more of the Greater Good (and less about re-election), and focused on the big body of work (not micro manage every word of every bill).
But it starts with an eliminated DC Hypocrisy. ALL rules that you apply to your opponent should be applied to your friends and yourself. DO THAT- and America will be much better off.
Do you think People in Power want that? NO WAY...  Do you think the Media wants that? NO WAY... Do you think Lobbyists want that? NO WAY... 
And that is Why America elected (for better or worse) Donald Trump as POTUS. Change, Drain Swamp, etc.
The most interesting drama playing out is watching him fight against the Dems, Media, Establishment Elite all in the same battle but from different sides. It is both nauseating and fascinating. Irresistable Force meets Immovable Object. Sell tickets for this showdown...
But in the End, We (The People) need to know WHO is actually doing their job and WHO is just politically posturing for re-election. Flawed people who are trying to do the right thing and willing to have sincere bipartisan dialogue need to be re-elected.
Any person (no matter which party) who simply postures, thinks re-election before all else, & stands in the way of productive political discourse needs to be gone. Be part of the Solution or, by default, you become part of the Problem.
And trust me, America needs less Problems....

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