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US Foreign Policy- for Trump & Beyond

Trump inherited a complete disaster on a foreign policy level. The prior administrations have broken any prior identity the United States used to hold. Years of ineffective inaction or weak diplomacy have allowed numerous hot spots and new entities to arise.
·         China in the South China Sea has knowingly violated International Law, been found as such, and yet the Nations of the World (including the Obama led US) have stood idly by. This must be addressed and China must be made to pay attention to not violated International law, just like we expect of all nations.
·         Russia has advanced into the Ukraine years ago, yet the world sits idly by and gives limp lip service. Now, Putin “leads” a weak handed Russia as entrenched in that Country and sits positioned to play big brother to a Eurozone in economic and social decay.
·         Russia, also, has also been blatantly supportive of the Syria government and their attacks on the moderate insurgents of Syria’s multi-year civil war. Years ago when Obama drew a line in the sand of Syria, it was crossed and never acted on. In that vacuum of leadership, Russia has emerged as Syria’s friend and unchallenged in the aggressive acts against the Syrian people.
·         Syria’s leader is no friend of the US. He has made that abundantly clear, and slaughters his own people- yet the World stands idly by. Diplomacy and Sovereignty only go so far when it comes to humanitarian issues, don’t they? Or are we now in a world where we let people sink or swim on their own? But this crisis is now spreading across the globe as waves of hundreds of thousands of refugees come out of Syria and other countries of the Middle East looking for safe harbor. How do you vet the innocent from the evil? Who is responsible for people who won’t stay and fight for their own country?
·         What about that little slice of Cuba called “Gitmo”? The one that President Obama seemed bent on evacuating no matter how the Terrorists behaved after release, no matter the lives that were lost or damaged for them to be originally brought to Justice, & no matter what possible attacks or motivation they might provide against humanity. Trump will probably reinstate Gitmo to full power again, as it has a strategic need in this modern day in our War on Terror.
·         North Korea has been developing Nuclear weapons for some time, and now they are developing a mid-long range missile to deliver it. And as if that isn’t bad enough, the Leader of their Country isn’t the most stable minded person who loves to hear himself speak on a consistent basis. Obama and other developed nation’s response- absolutely nothing. Once they get nuclear strike delivery perfected and can weaponize it anywhere in the World, it is a game changer. It might be too late to put this genie back in the bottle, but something needs to be done. Why China isn’t concerned about this is completely beyond me, after all- it’s in their back yard.
·         Philippines Leader Duarte has been on the verge of kicking all American interests out of our 70 year ally- yet the US leadership once again stands idly by. America’s loss would end up most likely be Chinas gain.
·         Turkey has been our ally since after World War 2, yet as it teeters on social and political upheaval- we are meek, distant, & non-committal. This is to strategic a Country and to good of a partner to be ignored and minimized. If we lose this foothold in the Region for military staging alone, it would be a huge loss. This is not how we treat our friends and allies. There are 2 critical countries in helping to “lead from within” the Middle East- Turkey and Egypt.
·         Cuba has been embraced by the Obama administration, while Israel has been shunned.
·         The Obama Administration “abstained” from voting in the UN Security Council recently places an unnecessary and unwarranted weak position on Israel, and can only be seen as a breach of the US/Israel friendship. It is unfathomable as to why this happened, and will almost be impossible to overcome in numerous ways. That inaction might be a crippling act toward one of the United States longest and staunchest Ally.
·         ISIS/ISIL has been born and grown stronger on Obama’s watch. Recent count puts this entity in about 16 different countries actively, yet we don’t change tactics, have a cohesive plan to address, or take the fight to them. Any idea of taking a passive approach on this places the World at risk.
·         The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is not a good deal, but it also brings together multi-nations in the Asian region. We can and should step aside, but how we do that is critical. Handled poorly, it will open a door for China to slide in and collaborate with these Countries directly, leaving the US on the outside looking in.
Short version is this- there are so many hot spots to address right now it isn’t about “what should be done” but rather “where in all this pile of junk should we start?” Priorities, assets, timing, and tactics will need to be decided and implemented quickly, efficiently, and successfully.
But a simple question needs addressing first- What IS the American Identity regarding Foreign Policy?
That is the current fault in recent US policy as it is without a consistently defined and applied strategy. Trumps first challenge will be to articulate the Trump Doctrine and then send his chosen leaders out to implement that on a firm, fair scale around the globe. How and Where he does that will go a long way to defining his Presidency.
My suggestion is a beefed up military, increase in human and cyber Intel abilities, leveraging our status in world coalitions such as WTO/UN/NATO/IMF, economic sanctions or tariffs, leveraging the strength of the dollar, and challenging our allies to follow our Lead- or be held accountable for not doing so.
Trumps primary act might show up in how he impacts Immigration here, and also resets how other Countries interact with us regarding their immigration policies. Keeping us safe here also means other countries can’t send us anyone, but only people that meet our standards, so indirectly they need to keep those that do not. It means that as we mandate vetting, electronic interaction, and eliminate third party immigration abilities(going from your country to another to work around the system which currently happens) that other nations will have to respond and change how they do things, which in turn will get them to follow our lead or not.
It is critical that we find who are our friends or partners, which Countries share our ideals, and who aren’t willing to walk that path.  Ally or Foe, Friend or Enemy- we need to redefine what roles the players have, as we need to define the enemy before we can defend against it.
Simple Facts:
A Weak Foreign Policy is a Bad Foreign Policy.
Military muscle needs to be harnessed, flexed, and utilized Wisely by the largest Superpower on the planet.
The Country with stronger currency have the upper hand- that’s America.
The Country with the shortest stick in trade deals can negotiate from strength- that is America.
The Country that should be leading the World proudly and with a solid, clear identity is America, but we currently aren’t. We need to restore that global leadership while growing our foreign relations unity to take active steps against the Perils that face us.
Global Leadership doesn't mean Globalism & doesn't mean interferring with Sovereign Nations ability to decide for themselves.

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