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Millennials - Who are they Really? What say YOU?
Here's a Tip, Congress... CUTSPENDING!
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November 2017

Millennials - Who are they Really? What say YOU?

Almost daily, there are articles trying to encapsulate a portion of whom or what a millennial is. It makes me giggle, as we approach this particular group like more unique than any other. Why?

Let’s frame out who they are first:
·  Born between 1977 and 1997
·  Children of the Baby Boom generation, for most part
·  First generation raised mostly by Dual Income Households (both parents worked)
·  First generation with massive technology expanse (Cable/Streaming, Smartphones, PC/laptops)

Here's a Tip, Congress... CUTSPENDING!

In the political sphere, they like to think of “cutting taxes” (tax reform) as easy, while “reduce spending” is politically impossible or career suicide. They’re right, on both counts. But, they still need to do both every few years to keep the ever-bloating span of Government in any semblance of check.

The problem we face in 2017 is a Congress that is obsessing on tax reform, yet hasn’t mentioned cutting spending literally all year long. They (and we) cannot live like that. We need leaders with Courage & Will to do what is in America’s best interest, as opposed to what is in the politicians’ personal best interests.

Fixing Education in America

The time is long overdue to take a very hard, critical look into how we approach & deliver Education in America. Let’s take a couple key statistics as a starter. We seemingly spend more money on education than any other country on the planet. We have one of the worst outcomes from education in developed nations on the planet. How can people look at our education model (how we do it) & see any version of tolerable success? How can we allow it to continue and think it will change itself?

Remember Gettysburg! (As a Way to Grade #Trump in 2017)

During the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign, Donald J. Trump delivered, what most call, his best speech in Gettysburg. Although it wasn’t THE “Gettysburg Address”, it was a testament of what Trump would do if elected. So what better to use as a Presidential scorecard for his first year than the very “to do” list he assigned for himself? The way I look at it, there can be three different types of grades- UNDONE, In Process of, DONE.

Let’s jump right to it:

Trump’s List of Commitments from Gettysburg Address Speech 10/22/2016 & Grade as follows:
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