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Remember Gettysburg! (As a Way to Grade #Trump in 2017)

During the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign, Donald J. Trump delivered, what most call, his best speech in Gettysburg. Although it wasn’t THE “Gettysburg Address”, it was a testament of what Trump would do if elected. So what better to use as a Presidential scorecard for his first year than the very “to do” list he assigned for himself? The way I look at it, there can be three different types of grades- UNDONE, In Process of, DONE.

Let’s jump right to it:

Trump’s List of Commitments from Gettysburg Address Speech 10/22/2016 & Grade as follows:

1.       Amendment for term limits in Congress-                             UNDONE
2.       China currency manipulator-      UNDONE
3.       School choice- UNDONE
4.       End Common Core-        UNDONE
5.       Local education supervision-     UNDONE
6.       Expand vocational and technical education-       UNDONE
7.       Repeal & Replace ACA (Obamacare)-     UNDONE
8.       Cut red tape at the FDA to allow for quicker drug approval-        UNDONE
9.       Fully fund and build southern border wall-         UNDONE
10.   Mandatory sentences for aliens coming back into country after being deported-             UNDONE
11.   Reform VISA rules to encourage America First hiring-    UNDONE
12.   Work for broader immigration with Congress-   UNDONE
13.   Middle class tax relief- IN PROCESS OF
14.   Fix the VA hospital situation-    IN PROCESS OF
15.   Identify and act on all trade abuses-       IN PROCESS OF
16.   Renegotiate NAFTA-      IN PROCESS OF
17.   Cancel climate program reinvest money in infrastructure-          IN PROCESS OF (2019)
18.   Cancel all unconstitutional memos, EO’s, actions by past President- IN PROCESS OF
19.   Cancel funding to sanctuary cities-          IN PROCESS OF
20.   Remove the 2 million criminal illegal aliens-      IN PROCESS OF
21.   Suspend immigration from terror prone regions-             IN PROCESS OF
22.   Extreme vetting-             IN PROCESS OF
23.   Hiring freeze on all Federal employees-               DONE
24.   Less regulations by removing 2 when 1 is made-              DONE
25.   5 year ban on officials becoming lobbyists-         DONE
26.   Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign government-             DONE
27.   Withdraw from TPP-      DONE
28.   Lift restrictions to expand energy production-   DONE
29.   Allow for energy infrastructure projects like pipelines-                DONE
30.   SCOTUS choice from list of 20 names-    DONE
31.   Increase resources to dismantle gangs- DONE
32.   Rebuild stronger military- DONE

So what actual grade would you give President Trump?

No Media hype or negative spin, No personality clash, no twitter jubilee or irritation- just a simple grade, what would it be? He has some accomplishments (mostly Exec Orders that can be undone by the next Admin), started some things in motion yet unfinished, & left many untouched (although 2/3 of those are Education & Immigration issues he will need Congressional support to change significantly).

Can we say in the range of a B-?? Of course to make it fun, let’s change the question a little.

If Trump were a Team Leader on his Apprentice Show, would he make the cut or be fired?
If you are a far right supporter, is it enough of the right priorities?
If you are a far left detractor, is it too much of going down the wrong path?
Does Foreign Policy help or hurt his score?
Do you give him a “pass” for the Congressional failure to launch so far in 2017?
Do you drop/raise his score for twitter, personal attacks, or his Administration’s occasional poor optics?

As we take a day to Remember Gettysburg for much different reasons, I think we should reflect momentarily on our ability to freely discuss the good and bad of any President’s productivity. We aren’t threatened, harmed, or jailed. We aren’t oppressed or exiled. We aren’t forced to toe any party line or regime decrees.

We, wonderfully, get to discuss passionately, debate fervently, argue ad nauseam, disagree endlessly & hopefully still blissfully get along and live inclusively with each other. After all, what is our Freedom worth individually if in the end we fracture collectively as a Nation? “One Nation Under God” means a Nation united on some level, not simply a bunch of individuals which happen to stand on the same piece of soil yet have no commonality.

So as you start planning how to celebrate Thanksgiving (no matter your political origin), you should take a pause and Remember the history of Gettysburg, the sacrifices that were made Centuries before our time and every day since to ensure our Freedoms, & prepare to downshift the rhetoric if only for a moment or a day.

Administrations will come and go, but your Family is forever. And when it comes to family there will always be their good and bad, just like the grade for Trump’s first year using Gettysburg as a scorecard.

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