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Immigration Reform in 2018- What Can, or Should, be Done and How Bold Can, or Will, Washington DC be? It goes WAY beyond DACA or a Wall…
Life after Tax Reform, from Micro, Macro, & Beyond
Millennials - Who are they Really? What say YOU?
Here's a Tip, Congress... CUTSPENDING!
Fixing Education in America


A Better Day in America
America 2.0 - the Upgrade
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A Better Day in America

Trumps WIN- and What needs to Happen now

Trump Wins! Trump Wins! Trump Wins...   OK, now thats out of our system- Let's actually Talk about Transitioning & more importantly GOVERNING this Country.
He won- in an emotional battle of very different view of where to take this Country, and "Elections have Consequences". The moment urges him to "spike the football" & stick it in peoples face- HE MUST NOT!
Donald Trump Won, but now that he Won- He needs to Represent ALL AMERICANS, and That starts NOW- not on January 20th when his hand comes off the Bible.

Failed Leadership, Racism, Poverty- and WHY CHANGE means VOTE #Trump in #Election2016

Here is todays show link:
Please give it a Listen, Follow for Future show access, and Share the Link or this Website with others!
#Election2016 is a CRITICAL Fork in the Road for ALL AMERICANS- Make it Count!

REFORMING AMERICA means Change, Time is NOW- Here's WHY

So you aren't sure whether to Vote Trump or Clinton??  Here is a radio show about Reform- about why need to Reform is NOW, and how TRUMP is the only answer to that...
Insanity is "doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result"

Michelle Fields and Ali...

John A. JensenFixTheNation
Listen-New episode Michelle Fields, Muhammed Ali, & Where Main street needs to adapt/overcome at . BlogTalkRadio
Listen, Post, Like, or Share-- ENJOY!!

Need a Solution for America's Financial Crisis? Here you go..

IF you have been waiting for our 'fearless leaders' in Wash DC to make the tough, but compassionate decisions necessary to FIX this Nation once-and-for-all, then you will understand my frustration. My book "One Grand Bargain" is what I have put together as my best attempt at fixing our crisis.
It is not something that "thrills" me when I look at its totality, but the end result is one that is politically feasable and realistically one that solves the multiple core problems that we have.


My newest book is finally out- "Why?! Go Conservative"...   Please enjoy it, hopefully you will review it when you are done and share the word with friends if you feel like it. (Perfect Gift for Holidays!)
Here is the link:

Fiscal Cliff Showdown

SO here we are in the early part of Dec, yet we find ourselves having an annoying conversation over the Fiscal Cliff...  you know, that "deal" from about 1 1/2 year ago to avoid the Debt Ceiling debacle? the one the Super Committee of Bolles-Simpson was supposed to avoid? the one the Pres and Congress have ignored Since Dec 2011?  Yeah- that one, and THAT speaks to why it is so annoying.
IF you told your boss that an important "project" was due in Dec, but you talked your way out of it THEN ignored it THEN put the deadline (and thru it the 'company') in jeopardy THEN kept pointing at the employee inb the next cubicle (who is pointing at you) as being THEIR fault.

For The Holidays, or Enjoyment!

Here is my Author Page on  In this time of year, we always look to get a little something for others. I am very proud of my writing, and trust you will enjoy the read. Whether as a gift for yourself or someone you know, I hope you find it as rewarding to read as I found to write.
IF you do enjoy these, could you tell a friend, post on FB, or review it on the page? Again, Enjoy!

Would you sign this Fiscal Cliff solution petition?

I started a petition to attempt to solve the Fiscal Cliff Crisis. Give it a read, IF you agree, then please sign if. IF you don't, I would really love to hear your thoughts, concerns, suggestions for what you would do to solve. Send all comments to
Feel free to share or tweet this link and help start a national dialog!

Would you Vote for this Conservative Party Platform?

My Recommended Conservative Party Platform
(ROUGH DRAFT- let me know your thoughts)
Pro Small Efficient Compassionate Government

The U.S. Government serves at the will of the people. It is our belief that a smaller Government represents best, and is necessary to do things we cannot do for ourselves, while the individual Citizen should be empowered, allowed, and encouraged to decide most things for themselves. It is our belief that all monies should be spent for the greatest impact for the common good, not wasted on pet projects, personal gains, and rewards for lobbying efforts.
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