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Debt and Deficit- US

Here's a Tip, Congress... CUTSPENDING!

In the political sphere, they like to think of “cutting taxes” (tax reform) as easy, while “reduce spending” is politically impossible or career suicide. They’re right, on both counts. But, they still need to do both every few years to keep the ever-bloating span of Government in any semblance of check.

The problem we face in 2017 is a Congress that is obsessing on tax reform, yet hasn’t mentioned cutting spending literally all year long. They (and we) cannot live like that. We need leaders with Courage & Will to do what is in America’s best interest, as opposed to what is in the politicians’ personal best interests.

States BILLIONS IN DEBT- CA, NY, Illinois.. Reality Check Time!!

When it comes to a Complete Lack of Reality Check in Far Liberal States(Run by Democrats, using Liberal Polices) there is absolutely no way of getting away from a simple fact that the TOP Liberal States(California, New York, Illinois) are BURYING THEMSELVES IN IRREVERSABLE DEBT!!
The Concern I have is actually at what point this becomes either 1) a National Problem to Bail out OR 2) a Systemic(To Big To Fail) Problem--  BOTH of these would Displace the Lack of Leadership in these States to People who do not benefit OR shoulder burden of decisions being made.

Simpson-Bowles? National Debt?? Anyone???

Anyone else remember Simpson-Bowles approach to handling our Deficit/National Debt situation(I would use the word CRISIS, but people would get crazy about that type of "language")?
Thought about that the other day as we drift randomly further and further away from "normalcy" of a Balanced Budget, away from Solvency, away from Sanity...   WHY can't Leaders LEAD? Like, oh I don't know, make Real Decisions- Explain them- Do the Right Thing- and move on with LIFE?

National Debt- Radio Show for Election 2016!!

Listen to Election 2016 - NATIONAL DEBT.. WHY its Toxic? Why TRUMP is the Only Choice! at
Once you Listen Up, Please share with Others!!

Austerity- a FOUR-letter word OR saving grace?

With all the economic crisis in the world, the question is a simple one. IS austerity the answer?
First- what is austerity? Basically, austerity is severe reduction in spending to curb a deficit or reduce a debt. BUT- it does come with a price. That reduction in spending translates into a slower economy. Remember the Midas commercial years ago- Pay me now or Pay me later? There is more than a little economic truth buried in that slogan. IF you have a debt or deficit, you have already spent the money and gotten your gain, but that came with a subtle price tag- someday you need to pay the piper.

One Nation Under Debt

So you wanted to believe that ALL the Stimulus money was just that- a stimulus? Good luck.
So you believed that you could SPEND your way out of a recession or economic crisis? Good luck.
So YOU want so proof positive how it DOESN'T do those things? In fact the OPPOSITE?
Here you go:
The most amazing part, in my mind, is that it has taken this long for someone to compile a historical report on this very topic. IF you thought differently, think again.

Interest of the National Debt

IF you were looking for good news here, you might want to move on....
The Interest on the National Debt takes up about 5.9% of our current Federal Budget. JUST the interest, just at the lowest levels in the history of our Government. Talk about a complicated mathematical world- wait until the rates are increased for inflation and to cool off the economy. And yes, that will happen in time- it always has and always will, as businesses run in cycles. We have good years, followed by not so good- then it bottoms and turns, followed by another nice run- sound familiar, although distant?

Debt (total Nat’l amount owed), Deficit (annual spending over budget)

Spending money you do not have- it is as simple as that. Politicians have made careers out of spending money that wasn’t there, that was not their own- now or ever, and benefitting personally by doing it. I do not have enough time on the planet to explain how much that bothers me- so I will save that rant. Suffice to say that this particular habit is the single biggest blight on our society as it pulls our resources blindly away from other things, impacts the value of our dollar, undermines our confidence, and puts of future in jeopardy.
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