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"Party Unity" is all the talk we are hearing right now... Trump needs to make nice and "win us over" as Conservatives..   UUhhhhh...  maybe not...
This website paints a REALLY vivid picture of how BIG the independent voter block is, how many states will be SWUNG by the vote of the Independent voter, and how they will be the MAIN battle ground for the Hillary vs Donald run to the White House.
Like it or not, here it is:

Oustanding Article by Newt Gingrich- MUST READ

If you are unhappy with the 2012 Election outcome and truly want to have an insider view of WHAT needs fixing, this is a great choice to read, think about, and understand. A little lengthy- but well worth it. …

THE Riddle of all Riddles in this Economy

So you have heard of the Chicken and the Egg...   this is like that- only in REAL TIME and with CONSEQUENCES.
The Economy is slowing, both globally and in the US specifically, which makes paying debt, closing the spending gap, creating jobs all that more difficult.
"Grow our way out" is a typical political term. It sounds painless, positive, and mostly vague. HOW do you build and grow specifically? How do you create jobs specifically? How do you create demand specifically?

RNC vs DNC- Comparing the Speakers of 2012

So who spoke at the Conventions and what does that say about each party?
THAT was the question I put to myself. Yes, we all heard the prime-time speakers and sound bites, we all heard of the "cool" or embarrassing moments, we all heard the version the media fed us.
But what about a little breakdown of WHO spoke and what that says for each party. I got curious- so here it goes.
The Republicans had 85 speakers in their 3 day event, whereas Democrats had 107 total speakers.


So we spend a week binging about everything Republican, then follow it with a week obsessing about everything Democrat- to put us right back where we started...  But at least we spent $68 Million Taxpayer dollars doing it...
You just can't make that up- $68 million to let them each drool on themselves and tell us how they will do things differently and make things better- but once they get elected, things have a way of changing for some- for their benefit and our detriment.
And THAT is where we need to stay focused- WHO will actually change things?

President Obama's Accountability- OWN THIS!

When you think about the Economic crisis of 2008 until now, you have to talk outside when finding someone to blame. Everyone I have spoken with seems to come at it from a different angle and put someone else in the hot seat. Is it banks, Congress, Bush, greed, etc??  It is almost and endless list that we all need to share and carry as a burden for bad decisions made, and bad policies allowed. BUT it got me thinking recently as EVERY Democratic sound bite hammered President Bush as a defense why this current Administration hasn't performed well.

SENATE 2012- Where do we stand now?

Everyone is so focused on the Presidential race, they aren't looking at how the Senate matches up- so here we go.
There are 33 seats up for election/re-election. Of those, 15 are truly in play to some degree.
Maine- Independent leading strongly now- will become the 3rd Independent Senator (after CT and VT). This replaces a Republican, so minus one for the R team.
Nebraska is going Republican from Democrat- so the score is back to ALL-EVEN.
North Dakota is going Republican from Democrat- so plus one for the R team.

Pennsylvania- it's all the difference in the World

Pennsylvania- that Rick Santorum state- 20 Electoral votes- and LEANING to President Obama at this moment. Could we change that? Could we rally the troops? Could we pull it out?
That would drop President Obama down to 211 Electoral (assumed) votes and raise Gov. Romney's total to 211 (again, assumed).
Interesting right? ALL the polls show Gov Romney behind in popular voting of likely or registered voters- BUT that isn't how Presidencies are won. IT is the Electoral College that will decide the winner.

FACTS to Win America Back in November

I was talking with friends about President Obama, and they kept ranting about how they hated him. I kept saying don't hate the man, hate the policies- which immediately left me with the tag of being "less Conservative". Wait a second...  And then after a long and tough talk, which took forever(OK, only 20 minutes but it was 20 LONG minutes) to convince them what I was actually talking about. It reminded me of someone selling Votes door to door, it might be effective- but couldn't win an election since you couldn't reach people fast enough.

3rd Party via Internet- Americans Elect

So I went to Americans Elect and look at their website, browsed candidates and even did the "Draft a Candidate" portion. It was very interesting and entertaining, also curious about the outcome. Maybe "effect" is a better word. Remember Nader? Perot? These are third party candidates that split the vote, and usually help the incumbent. that being said- IS that the best thing? Does a third party candidate have a true chance- now or ever OR is this a simple 2 party system- period, the end?
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