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Health Care

Healthcare Reform in the United States

The Premise of Repeal and Replacing of ACA/Obamacare is to not ruin Healthcare in America, but to Fix It. So here is my list (now that you have Price and Trump’s thoughts), these are things I would add to the overall conversation so the plan is more complete by design prior to implementation. The main focus we need to focus on is cultivating a market system that incentivizes options, coverage, cost reductions, & competition within a basic framework of popular understanding for what is a fair starting point- then let the free market take it from there.

Health Care- Life beyond "ObamaCare"

The Supreme Court is currently hearing oral arguments about various aspects of the Affordable Care Act (the real name for what has been commonly referred to as ObamaCare). Their decision, expected in June of this year, will impact our country on multiple levels and for years to come. The need to do their job, be bigger than their own ideology, and then we must move on down the road they point out as the one we can and should take. Which begs a simple question- What is Life after their decision?

Health Care -- Cost, Structure, Coverage

Although the Obama “Affordable Healthcare Act” plan is a huge horribly thought out mess which was politically successful and operationally a nightmare- let alone a possible legal overstep, the fact remains that the Health Care in America (as constructed) is broken or tremendously flawed.
The Cost of Health Care in the last decade has basically exploded, up several hundreds of percentage points. THIS is the piece which is killing the US citizen and business. THIS needs to be dealt with.
The Structure is another sticking point- we are a nation of states who have rights and legal controls, we are a capitalistic nation which does not decide for people, but allow them the
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