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Immigration Reform in 2018- What Can, or Should, be Done and How Bold Can, or Will, Washington DC be? It goes WAY beyond DACA or a Wall…

When you hear anything about Immigration in recent memory, it usually is about a Wall or DACA/Dreamers. Yet when Congress takes up any type of true Immigration Reform in early 2018, the topic goes much deeper than sound bites. Both parties care about the topic, but in very different ways.

Critical to remember are a couple big points: Washington DC has had ZERO cross-over Bipartisan votes for all major legislative agenda items under the Trump Administration, This is a mid-year election cycle so things take on a life of their own as incumbents positive themselves for re-election, & 2018 is packed with agenda items beyond Immigration like Healthcare, Infrastructure, Spending/Budget/Debt Ceiling,

Immigration Reform of 2016

Immigration Reform of 2016
The main focus of Immigration should keep with the Spirit of America and its history of immigration, should incorporate a balance of costs and benefits as it impacts America, and always focus on the safety of America First. At no point should the immigration of foreigners into America come at the risk or price of diluting/altering the very American true immigrants come to experience, at a significant burden to the current American taxpayer that is diminishes the American experience, or to knowingly allow by intentionally ignoring true knowledge of fact or by ignoring gaps & unsubstantiated material facts about an Immigrants historical path.

Immigration Reform Premise- MUST READ

United States Immigration
Origin and History:         Immigration in the United States has evolved from the originalImmigration Act of 1790(White men in good standing),Immigration Act of 1882(started charging Immigrants a fee of 50 cents to offset costs, convicts/idiots/people unable to take care of themselves) were sent back to home country),Immigration Act of 1917(restricted by “undesirable countries” plus those against organized government/property, those advocating killing officers),


The Immigration issue is not one single issue, but a series of decisions, actions, and policies to build for a better future. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, that is a simple common ground of agreement. So let’s deal with this in a series of discussions.
The first is a fairly simple one- legal vs. illegal immigration. Most people who come here legally, through proper channels, or/and are brought in for their specific set of skills or education are not the discussion. It is a painfully long and costly process, which is a separate issue since it increases the likelihood of someone choosing an illegal avenue.
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