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Life after Tax Reform, from Micro, Macro, & Beyond

When you think and talk about the Trump Tax Reform Plan, you will hear only an agreement to disagree from pretty much everyone. For every GOP saying Middle Class Tax Cut was a primary result, you have someone from the DNC saying it wasn't nearly enough and is horrible (worst Bill ever rhetoric). For every Democrat saying it was a Tax Break for the Wealthy, you have many Republicans who counter that was where the money was and who creates jobs. For every Deficit hawk saying this will explode the National Debt, you have an opposing view that says Growth will increase Tax Revenue overall & it's much to do about nothing.

Tax Reform- Strategic Additions to #Trump or Ryan/BradyPlan

Critical Point- We haven't done TRUE TAX REFORM since the 1980's- so we are way OVERDUE!! Congress needs to get together and do this for all our sake, as the current system is archaic & overly burdensome for most.
Besides Immigration, Trump’s biggest campaign unification message was around creating Jobs, America First, being truly competitive, & driving the future for Main Street. He has a broad Comprehensive Tax Reform Package that mirrors very closely the one provided by the House Ways & Means Committee led by Rep.

Tax Reform- Simple, Comprehensive, Timely

Repatriation- One Time          15% for add'l SBA Funding (dedicate to Inner-City Poverty Reform)
Estate Tax-                               mandated 10% (Nat’l Debt reduction, only over $1MM)
Capital Gains Tax-                   

Tax Reform? Tax Reform? Would you support this?

Tax Reform? Tax Reform? Tax Reform?...
Just like me, you probably have heard this phrase A LOT lately, since it is the politicians way of burying the Truth- our Government needs to raise money BUT no one wants their name stamped next to the words TAX HIKE.. Cowards they may be, it doesn't get us away from an ugly Truth- we need the money, and we need to curb spending in a huge way.
The way I think of it to keep it in perspective is this- we raised a couple Billion more in revenue than a few years ago- but we are spending 25% of GDP vs the normal 18-20% range.

Taxes- Fairness argument gone strange

Taxes and Fairness in the same sentence...  that is an amazing statement, without the political drama that swirls around it.  BUT- we live in an election year where everything takes on a new element. So let's talk about taxes and fairness.
For starters- let's use the Presidential candidates as examples of what is "fair". President Obama paid $162K in taxes which is roughly 20% of his income. Mitt Romney paid several million dollars (about 3 million if I remember right) and about 14% of his income.

Taxes- THAT dirty word, Revenue and Reform needs

WOW- taxes...  when I hear the word I cringe...  It is like someone walking up and saying "Give me money, for nothing, and then never paying it back or saying Thank You". Painful is the best word- and one that doesn't need to be censored. But you know what word drives me even more crazy? Waste. That one truly gets me.
Think of Taxes this way- let's say someone said they would take your money, spend it frugally and wisely, spend it only on things that benefited the overall country, etc.
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